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Which mattress fabric is good and how to choose a good mattress

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Which mattress fabric is good and how to choose a good mattress

Which mattress fabric is good and how to choose a good mattress
Most of our lives are spent in bed. A good sleep can give the body a full rest, rejuvenate the body, and work energetically. The fabric of the mattress has a great influence on the comfort of the mattress. There are many types of mattress fabrics. Let's take a look at which kind of mattress fabric is good and how to choose a good mattress in detail.
1. Organic cotton fabric
The term organic cotton is literally translated from English Organic Cotton. In other foreign languages, there are also ecological cotton or biological cotton. In the production of organic cotton, natural farming management is mainly based on organic fertilizer biological control of pests and diseases. Chemical products are not allowed, and all natural and pollution-free production from seeds to agricultural products. And based on the "Agricultural Product Safety Quality Standards" promulgated by various countries or WTO/FAO, the content of toxic and harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates and harmful organisms (including microorganisms, parasite eggs, etc.) in cotton is controlled within the limit specified in the standard, and Certified commodity cotton. The production of organic cotton not only requires the necessary conditions for cultivating cotton such as light, heat, water, and soil, but also has specific requirements for the cleanliness of the cultivated soil environment, irrigation water quality, and air environment.
Features: ①The touch is warm and soft, making people feel completely close to nature and comfortable. ②Good air permeability, sweat-absorbent and quick-drying, not sticky or greasy, and will not generate static electricity.
③Because there are no chemical residues in the production and process, it will not induce allergies, asthma or dermatitis. Does not contain any toxic and harmful substances for the human body.
2. Silver ion fabric
Antibacterial and deodorant, anti-radiation, anti-static, adjust body temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer.
Characteristics and advantages of ion silver radiation protection fabric:
①Antibacterial and deodorizing: Ionic silver can eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria exposed on the surface within an hour, 650 common bacteria in daily life, contact with silver fiber, can be killed within 10 minutes. Silver ions have a very high biological activity-this means that silver ions are easily combined with other substances to solidify the proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane, thereby blocking the respiration and reproduction process of bacterial cells.
②Radiation protection principle: Silver has strong reflectivity to electromagnetic waves. Silver fiber is added to the fabric to form a metal mesh safety shield, which can effectively block and refract low-frequency radiation and electromagnetic wave radiation from the surrounding space.
③Antistatic: Eliminating static electricity and promoting blood circulation are mainly due to the high conductivity of silver, which can quickly eliminate static electricity generated by friction.
④Regulate body temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer: "Silver" is the element with the highest heat conduction on the earth. It can quickly transmit the temperature on the skin in hot weather, thereby reducing body temperature. In winter, ionic silver fiber fiber has an excellent thermal insulation effect ( Silver thermos effect).
⑤Technology: Aggregate silver ion and cotton-polyester fiber into a single entity that does not peel off, polymerize pure silver ion inside and outside of the fiber, not just attaching silver to the surface of the fiber.