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The quality of the mattress will affect the quality of sleep these mattress selection skills, quickly packed!

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The quality of the mattress will affect the quality of sleep these mattress selection skills, quickly packed!

The quality of the mattress will affect the quality of sleep these mattress selection skills, quickly packed!
Mattress good and bad, direct concern morpheus quality.The mattress on market looks about the same, still often make the name of "new technology" "black science and technology" banner, how should choose to suit oneself?Zhu Zexing of deputy director of orthopedic department of center of characteristic medicine of rocket army expresses, distinguish mattress quality bad and bad can try out the following method.
One is to "see" with your eyes
A good quality mattress will certainly not have blemishes on the appearance.Can see mattess whether thickness is even, all around whether smooth and straight level off, pad bread cover is uniform and full, fabric prints catch design is even, sewing needle and thread has the defect such as broken line, jump needle, floating line.Qualified mattresses have product names, registered trademarks, manufacturing company names, factory addresses, contact numbers on the logo, and some are also equipped with qualified certificates and credit cards.If not, they are basically shoddy products.
The second is the force of "pressure"
Test pressure mattress with the hand, due the feeling of soft and hard moderate, have certain resilience.This is done to check whether the mattress compression capacity is balanced, internal filling is even.If there is a depression uneven, the quality of the mattress spring wire is poor.
The third is to use the ears to "hear"
Rap your hand on the mattress and listen to the spring sound.If the spring sound is uniform, the spring's elasticity is better, and the force is more uniform during sleep.If it makes a "squeak squeak" sound, the spring is not only poor in elasticity, but also likely to be rusty or inferior products.
The fourth is to "check" by hand.
Some mattresses are surrounded by a mesh opening or zipper device, which can be opened directly to check whether the internal spring is rusty, especially the addition of accessories.This step is very necessary to check to prevent the purchase of black cotton mattresses.
Five is to use the nose "smell"
When mattress of choose and buy, want to smell with nose whether to have pungent chemical odour.Good quality mattresses give off the fresh smell of natural fabrics.
Zhu Zexing said that the mattress should not only be of good quality, but also choose a suitable one for yourself, which requires a good grasp of three points.
1. According to the age group.
When mattress of choose and buy, want the age that considers user adequately, different age group is different also to the requirement of mattress.If muscle of old people itself and ligament elasticity drop somewhat, suit to sleep hard mattress more, too soft bed support cannot spine, and rise hard.Adults with weak spines are also suitable for a slightly stiffer mattress.The mattress suggestion of infant chooses firm and in the soft mattress that is full of elasticity.Adults in good health can choose according to their personal preference, and if they want to be comfortable, they can be a little softer.
2. According to your sleep habits.
The sleeping habit of each person is different, the soft and hard elasticity demand to the mattress is also different.People who like to sleep on their side should keep their spine straight and let their shoulders and buttocks sink deep into it. It is recommended to choose a partition mattress.This kind of mattress passes the spring with different thickness, wait for different force area according to the end of head, neck, shoulder, waist, vertebra, form different sag degree.Often lie on your back, prone to sleep, should choose a bit harder mattress.Because lie on your back, prone, neck and waist need hard mattress support, can achieve comfortable state.
3. Depending on body type.
Generally speaking, weight lighter person suits to sleep softer bed, too hard mattress cannot balance bear all body part;Stronger beds are suitable for fatter people.