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How to choose latex mattress? These big points know not afraid to be duped!

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How to choose latex mattress? These big points know not afraid to be duped!

How to choose latex mattress? These big points know not afraid to be duped!
According to statistics, there are 300 million people with sleep disorders in China, and how to improve the quality of sleep has been a problem for many people.Although there are many well-known ways to improve sleep quality, choosing the right bedding to improve sleep quality is not only safe and healthy, but the effect is more obvious.
It is true that latex mattresses, which can improve the quality of sleep, have become the first choice of many people. However, the knowledge of latex mattresses is relatively simple for many people. Today YOYO will share with you four reasons why latex mattresses are very popular among consumers:
Scientifically designed to fall asleep faster
The latex mattress is designed according to nine zoning of human body engineering, according to the head, neck, shoulder, rib, waist, ridge end, buttock, leg, foot stress conditions for elastic distribution, so that the mattress and the human body curve fit more closely.
This can not only effectively protect the human back, correct the bad sleeping position, but also help the human body quickly into the sleep state, prolong the deep sleep time, improve the quality of sleep.
Good permeability
Latex mattresses are very breathable and have a lot of tiny mesh holes in the structure, these holes can release heat from the body, allowing air to circulate freely in the mattress.
It disperses the heat or sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep to ensure people's comfort and dryness during sleep.
Good elasticity and no deformation
Latex mattresses made of special process foam, better elasticity, durable and resilient, suitable for people of different weight.
Better support can fit the various sleeping positions of the sleeper, and moderate softness and hardness, maintain a long time not out of shape, but also easy to clean, not easy to be contaminated with dust and other advantages.
Natural material, environmental protection and health
Made from natural latex mattresses will emit a special smell of frankincense, can effectively prevent mosquitoes, and has a certain bactericidal effect.
In addition, can also improve the human head, neck and other parts of the blood circulation, relieve periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, etc..
Natural latex mattress has so many advantages, then, in daily life, how do we buy?
Method 1: Smell
Natural latex mattresses will give off a light smell of frankincense, which is the smell of the latex product itself, non-toxic and harmless.
Method two: look
Latex mattresses have many beehive-like pores that allow more air than other fibers.These pores allow the body to exhaust waste heat and moisture, promote ventilation, and provide the best natural air-conditioning system.
Method three: touch
Latex mattress feel comfortable, like a baby's skin as tender and smooth, sweat hand contact with latex mattress will make the latex yellow, is a normal phenomenon.
Method 4: Look at certification
The ECO certification is the most famous certification in the latex mattress industry and is a must for all brands.Through the certification, that is, for the natural environmental degradation of safety products.
Although in the household goods
Many people will ignore the choice of mattress
But it affects our sleep and quality of life
Choose a suitable mattress