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The most detailed mattress strategy article

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The most detailed mattress strategy article

The most detailed mattress strategy article, you will never be afraid to buy the wrong mattress after reading it
Regarding mattresses, there are always many opinions in the market. For example, if a mattress is too soft, the lumbar spine will deform, and a harder mattress is good for the body. Today, let's take a scientific understanding of what kind of mattress is the most suitable.
The mattress has a history of hundreds of years and has its own production process, using environmentally friendly filling materials. Whether it is young people, old people or children, a mattress that is too soft or too hard is not good for health. Mattresses that fit the curve of the human body are all moderately hard and soft, and the elderly and children are a little harder to this extent. The standard for judging whether a mattress is good or not is its comfort and support, because the human body is not a flat straight line, but a curve. Only a mattress of moderate hardness can effectively support the human body. And for the elderly and children, if the mattress is too hard, it will cause only a few protrusions to be stressed, and may also cause spinal deformation. But everyone must correctly understand the two concepts of "moderate soft and hard" and "too soft", because too soft mattresses can also cause spinal deformation, so they will often push the pot on the "soft mattress", which means "soft and hard". Moderate" and "too soft" are conflated.
There are several types of mattresses on the market. Common mattresses are generally divided into four types: spring mattresses, palm mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses. Both spring mattress and palm mattress are composed of a surface layer, a filling layer and a support layer. Latex mattress, Swarovski_Imported mattress using natural latex, can sterilize and remove mites, and has a long service life. Foam mattresses and latex mattresses generally have only two layers, the surface layer and the inner layer. Sponge and latex are both the filling layer and the support layer. However, there are two types of foam mattresses: memory foam + high-strength foam. The main point of the surface fabric of the mattress is that it is comfortable and safe. Don't believe the beauty and other effects of the manufacturer. We also need to lay sheets on the mattress, and not directly sleep on the mattress. Generally, the surface fabric is made of chemical fiber material, which will pilling and airtight, so it is not recommended; knitted cotton jacquard fabric, cost-effective, recommended for household use; cashmere, silk, price comfort are very good; there are some such as bamboo fiber, 3D mesh , Cotton and linen, etc. The filling layer is mainly to increase the comfort of lying on top, generally including memory foam, latex, 3D, etc. Latex mattresses are very popular nowadays, and their soft, elastic, insect-proof and mite-proof features are very popular. The purity of domestic latex mattresses is between 40% and 80%. The thicker and softer the more expensive, but many people sleep so soft and uncomfortable. Generally, the latex cushion used in spring mattresses is 1~2㎝. , Too thick may be too soft. Memory foam is a slow rebound sponge. It has a great feature that if you press it with your hand, the sponge will rebound very slowly and can better fit the body curve. The memory foam material has strong support and moderate hardness. The price of memory foam is much higher than that of ordinary sponge, and it is often used as a filler in spring mattresses. There are two more mature spring mattresses: the whole net spring and the independent spring. The whole net spring is the traditional spring technology. The independent spring is filled with a non-woven bag after each independent spring is pressed, and then connected and arranged, and glued together to form a bed net. Independent springs are better than whole net springs, mainly independent pocket spring mattresses. Because each spring body is independently supported and stretched independently, if one of the two people lying on it turns over or leaves, the other will not be affected. . If it is a bed where a couple sleeps, the independent spring is definitely the best choice. Moreover, the three-section partitioned independent spring designed according to the ergonomic principle can flexibly expand and contract according to the curve and weight of the human body, and evenly support each part of the body. In terms of price, latex is more expensive than memory foam, and independent springs are more expensive than whole mesh springs. Do not buy spring mattresses under 2000. The palm mats on the market are mainly coconut palm and mountain palm. Coconut palm is divided into "soft brown" and "hard brown", mountain palm is divided into manual weaving and modern technology pressing. In addition to the different sources of brown silk, the difference between coconut palm mat and mountain palm mat is mainly in the adhesive and production process. The cheapest of the palm mats is the hard palm mat of coconut palm. Generally, composite glue is used as the adhesive. The air permeability and water permeability are poor, and the environmental protection cannot be guaranteed. The price ranges from a few hundred to a thousand. The most expensive one is the elastic mountain palm cushion pressed by modern technology, and natural latex is used as a binder, which is breathable and suitable for southern weather. But the price is also very high, above 3000~4500. The second is soft coconut palm mat and handmade mountain palm mat, which are affordable and environmentally friendly. But the coconut palm mat is prone to insects, and the handmade mountain palm mat has poor flatness and elastic comfort.
After we understand the types of mattresses, we must keep in mind the following points about choosing a mattress
1. First of all, you must choose according to your sleeping habits. If you have been sleeping on a hard bed before, suddenly sleeping on a very soft bed will definitely cause back pain. You can try to buy a slightly softer mattress;
2. People with lumbar disc protrusion choose a harder mattress; those with lumbar muscle strain choose a softer mattress.
3. For those with heavier weight, choose a harder mattress, which will support the body; for a lighter weight, choose a softer mattress, which conforms to the body curve.
4. For couples sleeping, choose independent spring mattresses.
5. When buying, take a look at the workmanship. Although it is impossible to know what the inner material is, sometimes the workmanship can prove some problems; smell for some special smell, such as strong glue smell, pay attention.
6. Try to lie down for ten minutes to see if the softness and hardness are suitable. Try sleeping on the back and sideways. Extend your hands into the back of the neck, waist, and knees to see if there is any more space. If not, the hands are still If you can easily reach in, it means the softness is moderate; if there is more space, it is hard; if it is hard to reach in, it is soft.