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Mattress proper use method

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Mattress proper use method

Mattress proper use method
1. Remove plastic bags before use.
2. When you start to use it, put a sheet on it, and you'd better put on a cleaning bedspread or bed hat to better prevent the mattress from getting dirty and maintain health on the bed more easily.
3. Mattress should not be partially stressed, and should not sit on the edge of the mattress or the 4 corners of the mattress for a long time.
4. It is not suitable for children to jump on the mattress, which can reduce metal fatigue caused by local pressure and also reduce safety accidents for children.
5. When handling the mattress, avoid making it too deformed, do not bend or fold (except folding style).
6. Keep the environment ventilated and dry, avoid dampness of the mattress, and do not expose the mattress to the sun for too long.
7. If you do not care to tea or coffee and other liquid drinks overturned in the bed, should immediately use a towel or toilet paper with heavy pressure to dry, and then blow dry with a hair dryer.
8 can be irregularly turn over (generally 3 to 6 months) to use the mattress, up and down or head and tail exchange, so that it uniform force, prolong the service life.
9. Vacuum your mattress regularly.Do not wash the mattress directly with water or detergent.
10. Avoid using sharp knives to scratch the fabric.