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coil mattress knowledge is in place, choose not to get lost!

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coil mattress knowledge is in place, choose not to get lost!

coil mattress knowledge is in place, choose not to get lost!
If the average life span of a person’s life is 78 years, we will spend 28.3 years in bed. Just to get a good night’s sleep, we will spend 30% of our lives; it can be seen how important a comfortable coil mattresses for sale is to us. Please choose a healthier and comfortable one for yourself and your family. How much do you know about coil spring china mattresses? So today I will share with you the knowledge about coil spring china mattresses! Let you choose a coil spring china mattress without getting lost
According to the three-layer structure of the coir mattress price, the ideal spring coir mattress queen size is divided into three layers from bottom to top: spring core, filler (auxiliary material) and hang (hang) seam layer (composite fabric). At the bottom is a spring core with high-quality materials and advanced technology; the middle is a wool pad or felt pad as a filler, which ensures the firmness and durability of the comfort bamboo latex mattress above the spring core, while the palm pad, latex or foam as a filler is soft The material guarantees the comfort and breathability of the comfort fit mattress and has a good sterilization and environmental protection effect; the top is the environmental protection quilting layer. 【1】
(Typical comfort gel mattress structure)
1. Quilting layer
The quilting layer is composed of 2-5 layers of different composite fabrics. These fabrics are overlapped and stitched with each other, and the stitches make the fabric show a pattern. The processing of the quilted layer of the comfort mattress is a process of overlapping and stitching the quilted layer materials together. The textile fabric on the surface layer is divided into ordinary woven type and knitted type, currently commonly used is cotton polyester (polyester: polyester fiber) blended.
(Ordinary woven fabric)
Woven comfort mattress for sleep cloth has poor elasticity and softness. Its elasticity mainly comes from the elastic fibers added in the manufacturing. The elasticity given by the structure itself is almost zero, and the fabric surface density is low.
(Knitted jacquard fabric)
 Knitted comfort sleep mattress cloth has moderate elasticity, good feel, softness, good moisture absorption and breathability, good shape retention, strong unevenness, can withstand a certain pulling force, has resistance to bursting and tearing, and has a good bag Coverability, these properties make the curved surface of the comfort sleep mattress prices fabric smooth and smooth, without dead corners, uniform shape.
2. Bedding
The bedding material is a cushion material between the quilted layer and the spring core, which is mainly composed of a layer of wear-resistant fiber layer and a balance layer. Due to the uniform distribution of human body pressure, the human body can also be prevented from feeling the presence of springs, which relaxes various parts of the human body, ensures that the human body maintains the same sleeping posture for a longer period of time, avoids frequent alternating between light and deep sleep stages, and improves sleep quality . Commonly used wear-resistant fiber layers are: brown fiber mats, chemical fiber (cotton) felts, coconut silk mats and other felt mats. Commonly used balance layers are foam plastic, plastic mesh insulation layer, sponge and linen (cloth), etc.
3. Spring core
1. Connected spring core
Also known as "Bonier spring", double cone spring. The concave coil spring is the most commonly used comfort sponge mattress spring. Most comfort zone mattresses are made with this common spring core. The connected spring mattress is based on the concave coil spring. The spiral spring and the surrounding wire will be used on both sides. All individual springs are connected in series to become a "compression community". Since all the springs are a tandem system, when a part of the mattress receives external pressure, the entire core will move.
2. Independent pocket spring core
It is also called independent barrel spring, that is, each individual spring is made to pass through the waist drum and pressed into the bag, and then connected and arranged by glue. Its characteristic is that each spring body operates independently, exerts independent support, and can expand and contract independently. Compared with connected springs, the independent bag springs are softer; they are environmentally friendly, quiet and independent, have good resilience, and have a high degree of fit; due to the large number of springs (more than 500), the cost of materials and labor is relatively high The price of mattresses is correspondingly high.
3. Wire-mounted vertical spring core
It is made of a continuous continuous wire spring, which is formed integrally from beginning to end. The advantage is that it adopts an integral, non-fragmented structure spring, following the natural curve of the human spine, and supporting it properly and evenly. In addition, this spring structure is also not prone to elastic fatigue.
4. Comparison of typical mattresses
So what is the difference between 3000 and 900 mattresses? We take the mattress product description as an example:
It can be seen that the picture on the left uses a more advanced independent pocket spring, which has an excellent silent effect, and a hard cotton is added to the quilted layer, and a latex layer is added to the bedding, which further improves the fit of the mattress. The degree and supportability are also more comfortable, but the cost is further increased due to the addition of more springs and latex layers.
What you need to pay attention to when buying a mattress: 1. Softness: the best sleeping position should be the same as the standing position. The mattress with good support function can provide the body with omnipresent comprehensive support while maintaining the spine in a standing position. Only when the spine maintains a natural curvature, the muscles can be truly relaxed, otherwise the back is replaced by backache The tiredness of back pain requires moderate hardness of the mattress. 2. Breathability: 3 million fine pores are distributed on the surface of the skin. These pores shrink and relax day and night to breathe, secrete sweat, excrete sebum and metabolites in the body, regulate the body's temperature and normal function, Night is the most prosperous time for cell division. If the material of the mattress is not breathable, it will hinder the breathing and excretion of the skin. The skin is prone to roughness and allergies, and it will affect the endocrine function for a long time.