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cheap super king size mattress science

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cheap super king size mattress science

cheap super king size mattress science: supplementary materials for the basic structure of cheap thin bed mattresses (1)
Introduction: We have talked about the springs and padding in the three major parts of the cheap twin bed and mattress. Everyone is already familiar with the structure of the cheap twin mattress. The fabric is a bit metaphysical. I will talk about it later. Today, I will talk to you about some auxiliary materials that will be used in different processes in the production process of cheap twin mattress setes. In addition to understanding the three major parts of cheapest bonded foam mattresses (springs, filling layers, fabrics), you can also use different auxiliary materials according to manufacturers. Use materials to determine which children twin size sponge mattress is more suitable for you.
1. In addition to the fabric itself, the fabric also includes a cotton layer
The quilted cotton layer usually includes silk cotton, sponge, and other soft materials such as latex, memory cotton, etc. in the fabric layer. Different quilted cotton layer materials can initially achieve different softness and hardness. A layer of material.
This is a watershed for whether the children's suite furniture bed mattress fabric can be washed. In addition to the knitted fabric and woven fabric used for the traditional china bed sponge mattress factory, it is not convenient to wash. The material in the cotton layer is not washable. It is the biggest factor restricting the washing of the fabric layer. Sponge, latex After the material absorbs water, the weight increases geometrically. The domestic washing machine is difficult to wash. After washing, such as spin-drying, drying, direct sunlight will also damage the material structure and reduce the service life.
2. The partition between the spring and the filling layer
The main function of the partition is to protect the filling layer material from being pierced by the spring and extend the life of the china bedroom furniture mattress. In many foreign families, the china brand mattress is basically changed in 3-5 years. Many foreign china latex mattresseses will not use such hard materials. As a partition, because it directly affects the reaction force of the spring, the domestic china manufacturer mattress is a durable consumer product. In order to extend the service life, it is not necessary to add such materials to meet market demand. There are many kinds of such interlayer materials. Most domestic manufacturers will use hard cotton, PK cotton, big-eye mesh or 3D mesh.
Hard cotton
The higher the basic weight of the same thickness, the harder it is, the conventional thickness is about 0.5cm-0.7cm, and the basic weight ranges from 300g/㎡-700g/㎡
Features: Harder, better sound insulation, more robust and durable, the disadvantage is that the general harder, resulting in weaker spring force.
PK cotton
Also called needle punched non-woven fabric, it is a kind of dry non-woven fabric, which uses polyester and polypropylene as raw materials
Needling multiple times to strengthen the fluffy web into a cloth, and then hot rolling treatment.
Features: Compared with rigid cotton, the blocking spring is not so great, and the comfort is better than rigid cotton.
Big Eye Mesh
This is easy to understand. The mesh-like flat mesh fabric is the material used by manufacturers to allow consumers to see the spring.
Features: better air permeability, shortcomings are not long service life, the mesh is relatively thick, with time, it is easy to become brittle and hard, after-sale problems occur.
3D mesh cloth
3D mesh fabric: Similar to DIGLANT 3D. Mesh fabric also pays attention to yarn count and grammage. The yarn count is 300D or 600D, and the grammage varies from 350-1300g. The characteristic of this material is that it is breathable and can withstand high tensile strength and tearing. It is more suitable as a spacer between the filling layer and the spring.
3. Edge support
The conventional is divided into spring edge protection and sponge edge protection. There are three common types in the spring edge protection market, see the following figure:
The first type of low-end china mattress manufactureres are used more and have basically been eliminated. The second type is used more in the market. The low-end china mattress supplieres are useful. The third type is relatively advanced in the spring protection, called double M support springs, but there have been The disadvantage is that the support point is welded and pressed for a long time, which is easy to disconnect and cannot be restored, causing the edge to collapse. See the figure below. The rigid sponge edge protection is usually 5cm wide, and 7.5cm is also useful, such as a certain.
The rigid sponge edge support feels more advanced, not as hard as the spring edge protection. The more the spring edge protection sleeps, the harder the edge, the sponge edge protection is more suitable for the human body. The seaside edge protection service life The cost is slightly higher than the spring edge protection. The four corners of the finished china suppliers mattress are squared. Some first- and second-tier brands will use the high-end styles. The traditional chinese folding sponge mattress hard sponge edge protection also has a small bug, that is, the four corners need to be glued together. as follows:
4. Zipper
Here is a separate talk about the zipper. The traditional chinese furniture mattress is glued layer by layer with glue, and the chinese import mattress material is sealed by the side belt through the edge machine. The ordinary consumers can’t restore it by opening it. If there is after-sales on the floor, it is only difficult to return to the factory for maintenance, which is difficult for manufacturers and consumers, and the after-sales cost is very high.
We use zippers to make removable and washable chinese mattress manufactureres with adjustable softness and hardness. There are many brands of zippers, such as RACCAGNI, riri, lampo, meras, IDEAL, opti, etc., all of which are used by top foreign luxury brands in the front, YKK is more cost-effective High and consistent quality, more than enough to use on a chinese style mattress.
It's time to make a small summary again, please accept
1. In addition to whether the fabric itself can be washed, the material of the cotton layer is a direct factor of whether the chinese wholesale mattress fabric layer can be washed.
2. The partition between the padding layer and the spring is hardly used in foreign countries. In order to extend the service life of the coil economic mattress in China, some auxiliary materials will be used to increase the service life of the mattress.
3. There are two conventional edge supports, springs and sponges. The use of sponges is currently superior to springs.
4. The application of zippers solves a series of very practical problems such as single sleeping feeling and difficult after-sales.