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Modern people are often "ten people and nine wet."

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Modern people are often "ten people and nine wet."

Modern people are often "ten people and nine wet." The main sources of wetness are the following two aspects:
Endogenous: The summer climate is hot, many people are greedy, blowing air conditioning, eating fruits and cold drinks. As a result, the digestive system of the spleen and stomach was damaged, causing the human body to lose its function of water and moisture, which caused the accumulation of internal moisture.
Appearance: In the hot and humid summer season, people are prone to feel wet and evil. Dampness is heavy, turbid, and sticky, making it easy to gather into sputum. This pathological sputum can cause a variety of difficult and difficult evidence.
Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that dampness evil is a big killer to the health of modern people.
How to judge whether there is moisture in the body?
1. The skin is loose, the cysts are empty, and the belly is big;
2. Heavy limbs and sleepiness; chest tightness;
3. Puffy eyes, greasy face, love acne;
4. Thick tongue coating, tooth marks on the edge of the tongue body;
5. Dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, phlegm;
6. Stools are loose or sticky;
7. Snoring while sleeping, difficult to get up and cannot wake up;
8. Thin people will also have small bellies and yellow urine.
In contrast to the above situation, if you have more than two matches, it means "wet evil".
A friend around me recommends a simple and easy way to dehumidify-go back and buy a sponge cotton single bed mattress price price to try.
I immediately bought a bed, and I took a pillowcase by the way. I went back to sleep for a while, it was really magical, I slept much better at night.
The body is as refreshing as just after the cupping and moxibustion. The strength in the body slowly came back. The spirits are refreshing, and my friends are boastful.
After the pain, I have a deep experience: peace, good health is a blessing, everything can be saved, but can not save health.
With it, every day is good, and the body is getting better and better.
"Compendium of Materia Medica" contains: Ai Ye takes the real fire of the sun, can hang down Yuanyang, chase the cold and damp, and turn the killing spirit into harmony.
The ancients Ai Rong entered the pillow, sleeping in Fuyang, and moxibustion. However, the moxa rolled hybrid mattress is more ingenious-the whole body is covered with the Yangjing on the back, and the yang can be replenished by falling asleep.
The key Ai is very different. Pingzhitang used not only "Feniushan 5 years Chen Ai", 6 kg of rolled hybrid mattress, but also 2 kg of full moxa, at least 100 kg of moxa was used.
Nanyang Funiu Mountain is known as "the capital of medicinal herbs". Since ancient times, the wormwood was born there. The leaves of the wormwood are broad and rich in odor. They are naturally more volatile aromatic oil than ordinary wormwood.
This volatile oil is the "yang essence", almost all of Ai's efficacy comes from this.
There is also a set of moxa made by Pingzhitang-take advantage of the vigorous yang qi during the Dragon Boat Festival, and harvest the wormwood with the best thermal performance. 50 kg of wormwood extract 1 kg of wormwood to make "golden wormwood".
After 5 years of aging, it will be used to make bedding after the heat has settled down and become warm.
Not only does it feel good after sleep, but friends who have used it after sleep also say that the back of a long-time sitting at work is more comfortable, the waist is strong, and the night is less.
You can also send a bed to your parents. The elderly always suffer from joint pain and do not sleep well. After using it, they go to the toilet a lot more easily. The point is that people are “warm”—the knee joints used to hurt when they were blown, but now they are much better.
Blowing air conditioner in summer and being weak in body, if you want to cure the disease in winter and sleep in summer, it is especially good to sleep.
The pillowcase is a pleasant surprise.
When sleeping, body temperature can stimulate moxa fever, "moxibustion" for the neck, and chase away moisture and soreness; when watching dramas and reading, it can also be used as a pillow and warm the stomach, which is good for women.
In order to fix moxa and improve comfort, Pingzhitang has been studying the ratio of moxa to cotton. For this removable pillow top mattress, they specially use Xinjiang long-staple cotton + 2 pounds of moxa.
See, once cut, Moxa is really thick and full. The lightly pulled cotton is soft and fluffy, which is also very different from ordinary cotton.
This kind of Xinjiang long-staple cotton has long fibers and has more small gaps than ordinary cotton, which is more hygroscopic and breathable.
Plus its outer fabric is plant cashmere cotton, it feels delicate and smooth. Sleeping in an air-conditioned room in the summer or in the winter is very warm and breathable, and it is particularly comfortable.
Its wormwood smell is still very strong, and the volatile odor contains camphor, borneol and other natural bacteriostats, which can effectively inhibit mites and drive away mosquitoes.
Since using it, I haven't been harassed by mosquitoes at night.
Less mites and less acne on the back, especially the hair, dropped much less than before.
Every time I sleep, I smell the smell of wormwood, I think of the rustic taste of the country. There is no gap between the mountains and the city, so I can relax and sleep well.
The sizes of 1.8*2 meters and 1.5*2 meters are available, and general beds are suitable. Even with a slightly smaller bed, the edges hang down nicely. The child's single bed is softer on the folding mat.
It can be folded freely like a quilt. It is not afraid of being broken at all, and it is convenient to store.
Spread it, not only can get rid of the moisture in summer, but it can be used in all seasons of the year, and it can be used throughout the year, which is particularly practical and cost-effective.
And it uses a special quilting technology, can not sleep, can sleep for many years.
You can get rid of the old cold and dampness and keep your bones asleep. It is worth buying a bed for yourself and your family.