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Low back pain, sleep hardboard bed really works?

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Low back pain, sleep hardboard bed really works?

Low back pain, sleep hardboard bed really works? Orthopedics experts teach you to choose a cheap bed mattress, don't sleep wrong!
Many people have heard of a "common sense": if the waist is not good, just sleep on a rigid bed.
In the orthopedics clinic, we often encounter patients who say that their waists are not good, so they took off the cheap beds and mattresses for sale and slept directly on the floor of the house or on the wooden bed.
Bad waist, is it useful to sleep on a rigid bed?
The answer is of course no!
The human spine naturally has physiological curvature. Whether it is lying on its side, lying on its back, or lying on its stomach, the contact surface between the human body and the bed cannot be a straight line.
If the bed is too hard, the body has only a few fulcrums in contact with the bed. In order to maintain balance, the muscles will always be in a state of tension, and thus feel fatigue and soreness, and sleep will not achieve the effect of relaxation.
Over time, it will also cause chronic strain of the lumbar muscles, the disappearance of spine curvature, and scoliosis.
So sleeping a little harder is just relative to a soft bed, which does not mean that you have to sleep on a hard bed.
Of course, a bed that is too soft is not good
If it is too soft, it will cause the middle part of the body to sink into the bed, and the spine is unevenly stressed, resulting in excessive tension on one side of the muscle and excessive relaxation on the other. In the short term, back pain may occur, so a too soft bed is definitely a healthy lumbar spine. Nemesis.
What kind of cheap beds with mattress should I choose?
We should choose a suitable soft and hard bed so that our body curvature can fit the bed naturally.
Whether in the supine or lateral position, the spine must maintain normal physiological curvature.
How to judge whether the cheap compression mattress is suitable for yourself?
The suitable hardness of the cheap double mattress is different for different genders and different ages.
The curve of women is more obvious than that of men, you should choose a relatively soft cheap double mattress for sale, and men can choose a relatively hard cheap full mattress.
body weight
People who are thinner should choose a softer cheap full size mattress, while people who are fatter should choose a harder cheap hotel mattress, and the pressure can be evenly distributed on the cheap hotel mattress.
The spine of different ages has different requirements for cheap hotel mattress for hoteles. Never think that a cheap king mattress can sleep for a lifetime.
Infants and young children should choose moderately soft cheap latex mattresses, while children and adolescents should not sleep on soft cheap mattress for hoteles, so as not to affect growth and development. Older people with loose ligaments, especially those with osteoporosis, are advised to choose a slightly stiff cheap mattress for sale.
And the easiest way to judge whether the cheap mattress in a box is suitable is to try it for one night. Personal feeling is the most accurate evaluation standard. What kind of cheap mattress online is suitable for you?
Sleeping in bed at night, turning over is not difficult;
Wake up in the morning, won't get up because the cheap new mattress is too soft;
After getting up, there is no uncomfortable feeling in the waist such as stiffness and soreness.
Must remember!
Sleeping hard board bed is not a sleeping bed board
At last
Then send the orthopedist's "four major strokes"
It can prevent lumbar disc herniation
Supine knee bend
Lie on your back on a yoga mat, bend your knees, keep your shoulders close to the ground, bend your legs to one side as far as possible, and stretch to the extreme to bend to the other side. This action mainly relaxes the waist. According to personal circumstances, do this exercise 10-20 times per training.
Bend your knees
Lie flat on the yoga mat, bend your knees, hug one leg, keep your shoulders and back close to the ground, move your left thigh as close to your body as possible, return to lying down, bend your knees, and do the same for the other leg. This action mainly exercises the back muscles, and this exercise is done 10 to 20 times per training according to personal circumstances.
Knee crawl
Crawling forward like an infant. This action can exercise the waist and back muscles when the load on the lumbar spine is small.
Arch Bridge Flying Swallow
arch bridge:
Lie flat on the yoga mat, bend your knees, and raise your hips to the shoulders, hips, and knees in a straight line. At this time, tighten the waist and abdomen. After holding this position for 5 seconds, slowly lower and repeat. Do this action 5 to 10 times per training session according to your personal situation.
Lie on the yoga mat, keep your abdomen close to the ground, raise your arms and legs as much as possible, lift it to a high point and then put it down, repeat.
Do this exercise 10 to 20 times per training depending on your personal situation.