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What are the hazards of old mattresses to human health

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What are the hazards of old mattresses to human health

What are the hazards of old mattresses to human health
Old mattresses are used for a long time and have passed the time limit. Such mattresses need to be replaced, otherwise it is not conducive to personal sleep, and the material of the sleepwell high density foam mattress has become poor, which is not suitable for people to use .
The sleepwell foam mattress has a certain period of use. We use it well during this period of time, which is very beneficial to human sleep and rest. If this period of time is exceeded, there is no need to use it. Let ’s follow Shi Hua Bailan to understand what harm the old sleep rest foam mattress has to human health.
What are the hazards of old sleep easy memory foam mattresses to human health:
1. The mites on the old single size military foam mattress have a negative impact on human health
Mites are a kind of pests that are difficult for us to see with the naked eye. They have an impact on the health of the human body and are prone to cause respiratory diseases in the long run. single size mattress memory foames are hotbeds for mites, especially suitable for their survival and development. The breeding ground is very fast. If a large number of mites accumulate, it will make the human skin feel allergic and the quality of sleep will decline, which is not conducive to human sleep and rest.
2. The material performance of the old single size mattress foam sponge has deteriorated, and the sleep quality is poor
The surface fabric of the old single size kid foam mattress, the internal spring material, and the material of the filling layer have exceeded its own load, no longer meet the requirements of quality sleep, and there are more breeding of mites and various bacteria. It needs to be replaced. single size foam mattress, or it will affect the quality of sleep.
3. The deformation of the old single size bamboo foam mattress seriously affects the health of the body's bones
The normal shape of the human spine is S-shaped, and old single rolled foam mattresses often have problems such as collapse and deformation, uneven stress on the single memory foam mattress and insufficient support strength. For old single mattress latex foames that have been deformed for a long time, the single foam mattress cannot disperse the body weight and cause the spine to deform Insufficient rest, symptoms such as fatigue and soreness after waking up.
After everyone understands the hazards of the old single bed foam mattress, you should prepare for the replacement of the old silent night foam mattress, so that the quality of sleep is guaranteed for the next days, and a good sleep is guaranteed, and the body is naturally much better.