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Change the life on the bed, start with the memory foam mattress

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Change the life on the bed, start with the memory foam mattress

Change the life on the bed, start with the memory foam mattress
Some time ago, the mattress at home burst, and the coconut palm mattress used for more than 10 years was the time to retire. It is extremely important to buy a mattress that suits you and your wife. Most of human life is spent in bed, and the choice of mattresses cannot be hasty and random. A few have also chosen a mattress with their own satisfaction through the supportability, breathability and fit of the mattress. There are now coconut palm, latex, and memory foam mattresses on the market, and several have chosen DIGLANT's memory foam mattresses, with absolute confidence in product quality.
A full set of work is required. After buying a mattress, a couple of memory foam pillows are added. The beddings are completely renewed, bringing a comfortable night to the hard working day.
After opening the package, the first thing I saw was its product manual, which gave a detailed introduction to the Neumann brand and some introductions to its products. Let me understand the DIGLANT brand and its products more simply and clearly.
The mattress is packed with vacuum compression, which is a bit heavy. The compression bag used by the mattress can also prevent dust from entering during transportation and maintain the cleanliness of the mattress.
A few beds are 1.8m * 2m. In order to wait for the arrival of a new mattress, the surface of the bed has been thoroughly cleaned in recent days to welcome its arrival.
After opening, the size of the product is very suitable. It fits perfectly with the inner edge of the bed. After opening, the product has a smell of some materials. This smell is harmless to the human body. Do n’t worry, and the DIGLANT mattress is formed by one-piece cutting. No glue bonding, safe and secure,
When in use, it can be used directly by laying the sheets. There are fixed elastic bands in the four corners. In order to shoot, the mattress is reversed.
Why choose a memory foam mattress? The main reason is temperature sensitivity. The memory foam mattress can provide a suitable degree of softness and hardness according to the temperature of different parts of the human body. Material, so that our body is evenly stressed during use. DIGLANT's mattress is made of American Dow zero-pressure cotton material. It can automatically remember the shape of the human body according to the temperature of the human body and the weight of different parts, and give comfortable wrapping and support.
This mattress is detachable design, we can remove and clean the jacket every day. Remember that the inner core must never be washed.
After opening, we can see that the main body memory foam is also covered with a thin coat. A layer of protection is added to the internal memory. When we sleep, we will sweat. The mattress with poor breathability will get hotter and hotter. The unique internal molecular structure of this mattress material, after contact with the human body, The force is different, and the internal and external air microcirculation is realized, breathable and dry, and it will not feel sultry for a long time.
The mattress has a label with the fabric structure and washing instructions. Those who have studied mattresses must know that at least 1 in 100,000 people are allergic to the memory foam material when testing the memory foam mattress, but the Neumann memory foam material has passed the antibacterial, anti-mite and mildew test , Especially suitable for people with allergies.
In addition to breathability, a few also pay attention to fit and support. Good fit sponge foam mattress, there will be no gap between body and sponge foam mattress factory when sleeping, the wrap is good. And the DIGLANT memory foam soft memory foam mattress is just soft and hard, the soft memory foam double mattress is too soft, the waist is easy to collapse, there is no support, the waist is sore after waking up, and the spine health is injured for a long time; the soft mattress memory foam is too hard, there are gaps in the waist, hanging, and the body is sore and unwell . The Neumann memory foam soft foam thin bed mattress is moderately soft and firm. It sleeps on its side and keeps the spine in a natural physiological curvature. The middle school students are in the growing stage. It is important to protect the health of the spine. The memory foam soft foam single mattress should be chosen.
As mentioned earlier, this soft foam mattress is made of American Dow zero-pressure cotton material. It has the characteristics of moderate softness and softness. It feels soft and soft. It can rebound slowly by pressing it for 3-5s, which can seamlessly fit all parts of the human body for a long time. Use will not collapse deformation.
The material has a good mute effect, no noise when turning over, and the partners will not interfere with each other. It is especially suitable for people who sleep lightly, sleep late, easy to wake up, and have good anti-interference.
After watching the soft double foam mattress, let's take a look at the memory foam pillows purchased in a number of packages and portable box packaging. The company's philosophy is printed on the packaging: technology improves sleep.
After opening the package, the pillow is also individually wrapped with plastic film to prevent dust on the transportation road.
This pillow is also made of American Dow zero-pressure cotton material, which has the same advantages and characteristics as small mattress foames. According to the principles of ergonomics, combined with the butterfly shape and the design of multiple curves, it can be called a butterfly pillow. It can naturally protect the health of the cervical spine.
The pillowcase is made of skin-friendly cotton, with micro-elastic fit, which is not only resistant to dirt, but also easy to clean. The sandwich mesh design on the side has the function of ventilation and heat dissipation, and can be breathable and dry when used.
The pillowcase is designed with a zipper, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. The inner cover of the jersey is not only light and breathable, but also dust-proof, but there are also a layer of pillow towels in use. In general, it is more convenient to wash the pillow towels than the pillow cases. Haha, is it not particularly lazy.
This pillow has a dual-purpose design to meet the needs of a variety of sleeping habits. The concave curved design allows the neck and shoulder gaps to be filled naturally when sleeping on the side
When you sleep on your back, your head, neck, and shoulders will naturally fit and extend, with both sides high and low in the middle. They will fit your head to stabilize your sleeping posture, and reduce turning over at night. When I first started to use it, I didn't get used to it. I slept slowly for a few nights. I like this concave design. I lie down and sleep well all night. Students should use such pillows to develop the habit of lying down and avoid hunchbacks.
Overall: Memory foam, as a high-end product in foam slow rebound foam mattresses, is much higher in price. DIGLANT's memory foam products are more acceptable to consumers in terms of price. And the high degree of fit and strong anti-interference make it a first choice. Everyone's needs for sleepwell memory foam mattresses may be different. It is best to go to the store and try to lie down before buying.