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What should I do if the spring mattress sounds

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What should I do if the spring mattress sounds

What should I do if the spring mattress sounds
Many people know that the spring mattress can be used for many years if properly maintained, but if you are careless in your daily life, or accidentally damage the school foam mattress during handling, you may encounter some problems, such as every move Everyone is reluctant to hear annoying creaking noises, especially when sleeping at night. Under normal circumstances, this kind of noise problem may occur after 5-7 years of use of the spring royal memory foam mattress. Generally, this kind of noise problem caused by aging, we will recommend that you replace a new round memory foam mattress. Of course, there are some temporary treatments, such as readjusting the bed frame, tightening the screws, or lubricating the squeaky place.
Check the cause of the noise from the spring rolling memory foam mattress
Whether you want to replace a new rolled vacuum foam mattress or perform maintenance on the place where the noise is made, you first need to find the reason why the spring rolled thin foam mattress price makes noise. We can press all the areas of the rolled packing foam mattress to try to find out exactly what the rolled packed mattress foam sponge makes noise. The position can be maintained after the position is determined. In addition to the spring, the main part of the problem in general may also be the rolled compressed foam mattress support, the connection of the bed board and other places. There are many reasons such as damaged or defective springs that need to be lubricated, the rollable memory foam mattress is off center, the surroundings of the bracket are unbalanced, the frame is loose or needs oiling, etc.
Solution of spring rollable foam mattress noise
Solution 1: Rotate the box spring. First remove the roll up visco gel memory foam mattress, then rotate 180 degrees to rearrange the box springs. This means that the spring end of the head of the bed now needs to rotate to the bottom of the bed. After rearranging the box spring components, put the roll up packing memory foam mattress back in place and test.
Solution 2: Tighten all accessories. Check the bed frame and headboard to make sure all nuts, screws and bolts are tight. Sometimes if your bed frame is not tight, a part of metal or wood will collide with each other in every movement you make on the bed and will make noise. For this situation, we can test it after hardening.
Solution 3: Add objects under the roll up packed foam mattress. Add a rigid object under the roll up memory mattress foam in different areas. Putting a book or similar under your roll up memory foam mattress in a box can make your bed squeaky. Try to put the book on top of the bed, and then put the bed on the bottom of the bed to see if the noise is reduced.
Solution 4: Lubricate the bed frame. Remove the roll up memory foam mattress and spring. Spray the universal lubricating spray on the metal or wooden frame where the screws and bolts are located. This will allow any part of the potentially squeaking bed frame to be lubricated now, making the movement of rubbing together silent.
Solution 5: Lubrication inside the spring in the box. Remove the roll up mattress memory foam mattress, flip the box up and bounce up to get into the felt cover. Open a small hole in the center of the felt material of the box spring. Spray lubricant on each spring and other places to eliminate metal or wood scratches. Use the stapler to reinstall the felt back. Test to see if it creaks.
If the sound of the spring roll up latex memory foam mattress cannot be solved by the above methods, or if the roll up latex foam mattress in a box and spring have been damaged, you can only replace it.