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Types of mattresses How to clean mattresses

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Types of mattresses How to clean mattresses

Types of mattresses How to clean mattresses
More and more items in the family have become necessities, and the purchase of some necessities is certainly not very simple. In today's society, a good rest is also very important for people, but to get a good rest It is also necessary to pay more attention to the investigation on the mattress. There are many brands of mattresses now, and there are many types of mattresses. So what kind of mattress? How to clean the mattress?
Types of mattresses
Modern palm mattress, made of mountain palm or coconut palm with modern adhesive. Has the characteristics of environmental protection. The water mattress, using the principle of buoyancy, has the characteristics of buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, warm in winter and cool in summer, and thermotherapy.
1. Mountain brown mattress
The mountain palm mattress refers to the general full mattress. The raw material comes from the trunk of the palm tree that grows in the inland alpine region, which is made by hand weaving or machine processing. The texture is relatively hard, the air permeability is good, and it is not easy to absorb moisture and grow insects.
Mattress advantages: The biggest advantage of the mountain palm mattress is its green and environmental protection, high strength, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, and insect resistance. It is beneficial to human health, and the hand-woven rubber-free mountain palm is more popular with consumers.
Mattress Disadvantages: Although the mountain palm mattress is hard, it is easy to deform. If the mountain palm mattress is not turned over regularly, it will easily cause the mattress to deform.
2. Coconut palm mattress
Coconut palm mattress, raw material from coconut shell fiber, green and environmental protection. There are two methods for coconut palm mattresses. One method is to weave a mattress made of coconut palm twisted rope into a mesh, and the other method is to bond coconut palm fibers by viscose to match the mattress. Spring use. Coconut palm mattress is hard and soft with a certain fluffy feeling, comfortable and breathable, not easy to get wet and moldy, it is more suitable for children and the elderly.
Mattress advantages: In terms of environmental protection, the full-brown fiber elastic mattress is harmless and non-irritating to the human body, and has an inhibitory function on bacteria. It is selected from high-quality coconut palm silk. After strict sugar removal treatment, it is not easy to grow mold. Moderate softness and hardness, strong support effect and guaranteed comfort.
Mattress Disadvantages: The green coconut palm, the quality of the use of adhesives is also uneven. The adhesive used for high-quality mattresses is natural latex, while the inferior ones use chemical adhesives. Inferior chemical adhesives can easily cause the formaldehyde of mattresses to exceed the standard.
How to clean the mattress
1. Sweep and dust. We can use a vacuum cleaner or a mite removal instrument at home to first clean up the dust and dead skin on the upper and lower surfaces of the mattress as a whole. The most important purpose of this step is to remove the dust and remove the dirt attached to the surface.
2. Decontamination and deodorization, dehumidification and mildew resistance. Using baking soda has the effect of decontamination and deodorization, we evenly spread baking soda on the mattress, pat it evenly, wait 15-20 minutes, wait for the odor on the mattress to be eliminated, use the vacuum cleaner at home to put the mattress The soda powder on it is clean, and by the way, the dust and dander are absorbed again, and the mattress can be cleaned, stained and deodorized.
3. Sterilize and kill mites. Using alcohol, dilute the alcohol with water and wet the rag, then use the rag to wipe all parts of the mattress and brush it with a soft brush. The sterilization and disinfection effect of alcohol can make bacteria and mites on the mattress free. It can be sterilized and killed in 10 minutes.
What the above content mainly describes is the type of mattress for the editor? The specific introduction of how to clean the mattress, the types of mattresses can now be said to be countless. The increase in types makes it difficult for more people to choose now. Although there are many types, but in fact, to understand well, just take a few This is where the key situations are handled. In this way, it is very easy to choose not only, but also some knowledge of the mattress after the selection will be in place.