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How to tell the real latex mattress

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-22
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How to tell the real latex mattress

How to tell the real latex mattress
When it comes to latex mattresses, it can be said that everyone loves and hates and is a must-have. Love its powerful features and comfort, hate its market is too confusing, it is really not easy to buy a reliable latex mattress.
Someone asked: How is the latex mattress good? Compared to ordinary mattresses, latex mattresses have the functions of anti-mite and bacteriostasis, breathability. Because the latex mattress is made of natural latex juice, and because it contains natural oak protein, it has good elasticity and can buffer the pressure of the human body. At the same time, it has its own pores and good breathability. The high-quality latex mattress is based on ergonomic principles Designed to prevent cervical spondylosis, reduce snoring, and effectively promote deep sleep.
So how can you distinguish good from bad?
The content of natural latex mattress is more than 92%, which is very good. Its color is white to light yellow, without reflection and shine. The surface has clear textures, tear marks, injection holes, trimmed edges and other necessary defects.
The authentic product has a faint taste. If you suck it deeply with your nose, the smell will not completely disappear. The raw material itself is destined to its taste. Pure natural latex products feel more skin-friendly, like wet hands touching the skin, with moderate elasticity and rapid rebound. Fake latex feels slippery, and the reflection is obvious! Have you learned this?