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just lay a mattress, and you can sleep when your friends come

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-18
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just lay a mattress, and you can sleep when your friends come

It's too wasteful to leave the bay window empty, just lay a mattress, and you can sleep when your friends come, it's beautiful and practical
Nowadays, most families buy a house, regardless of the size of the apartment, they have bay windows. For small apartments, the overall space is very small. Many people waste the bay windows. In fact, they are well utilized and quite redundant. In the small bedroom, the designer with a big brain hole is directly made into a tatami with a bay window. When a friend comes to visit, he can sleep directly. It is beautiful and practical!
House prices have skyrocketed, and rooms that are too small have to be used to make use of bay windows. Otherwise, there will be no place to sleep when guests come home embarrassed. Design bay windows so that they can be used as beds in winter and summer, and many people will worry , Will it be very hot in summer and cold in winter, in fact don’t worry, the beds of many families are also placed by the window and will not affect sleep, plus the quality of the windows is very good now, and the heat insulation effect is quite good It was changed to a tatami with a bay window, and there was an additional temporary resting place.
The bay window is transformed into a bed. This kind of design is now a common design. A bookcase is designed on both sides of the wall. The wardrobe can also increase storage space. It's a great thing, it will not affect the load bearing problem, and the property is not. It will be opposed, so the space of the house is small. If you like this design, you can consider it.
If you think the bay window glass is too big and unsafe, you can build two rows of cabinets on both sides of the wall, which can not only improve safety, but also increase storage space, do not affect lighting, let alone affect vision, safe, practical and beautiful.
Not only for the guests in the house, but also for my family. It’s usually okay. In the afternoon, lie on the tatami in the Rouran bay window, enjoy the view outside, a cup of tea in your left hand, a book in your right hand, make life into a poem, enjoy life At the same time, a small room was added to the house.
The disadvantage of a bay window tatami is that if the window is too large, it is not suitable for a bedroom. The first is that the light is too strong and too dazzling. The second is that if the quality of the window is too poor and the sound insulation is not good, the noise is too large and affects sleep. Third If the airtightness is not good, there will be wind in the sleeping gap in winter, and it is not good for people to blow it for a long time.
So I changed it to a tatami with a bay window and used it as a spare. It is full of cabinets on both sides. Bookshelves, dressing tables, wardrobes, and writing desks are very practical. I have to modify it according to my actual situation. I personally feel that I have seen a lot of family designs. It will be more practical to add a single tatami to a bookcase or a writing desk. You can also store items under the tatami mattress.