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Sleep well, but a good sleep well memory foam pocket spring mattress

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Sleep well, but a good sleep well memory foam pocket spring mattress

Sleep well, but a good sleep well memory foam pocket spring mattress
From the end of January to the present, the whole people are in tension, frustration and worry. On the one hand, there is a long-term home, and life habits have undergone tremendous changes, falling into sleeplessness, poor sleep, and sleeplessness. On the other, medical staff and other "epidemic" personnel are under great pressure and lack sufficient rest and sleep problem.
More than 50% of people go to bed after midnight
The white paper shows that 90% of the people before the epidemic concentrated on going to bed between 20-24 hours, and about 50% of the respondents got up at about 7 o'clock. During the period of the family home, more than 50% of the people went to bed after midnight. People go to bed later and get up later. In general, people's sleep time is delayed by about 2 hours, and the total sleep time is increased by about 2 hours.
Sleep time is generally extended by half an hour
The white paper shows that although most people sleep more than before the outbreak, the quality of sleep has declined. The length of time people fall asleep is generally longer than 30 minutes before the outbreak, and the proportion of people with poor sleep quality has increased by 10%. Among them, 64% of respondents over 56 years old have the worst sleep quality.
High incidence of infections after less than 5 hours of sleep
A German study specifically focused on sleep and immunity found that people who sleep less than 5 hours at night compared to the group who sleeps 7-8 hours a night have a 82% higher chance of being infected in the past 30 days. As long as the sleep time is more than 6 hours, there is no obvious decline in immunity. This shows that there is a close relationship between sleep and the immune system. In addition, a good sleep can avoid a series of physical and mental diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, depression and so on.
There is an old Chinese saying that "the body is the capital of revolution." Without a good body, no matter how big a dream we have, we cannot achieve it. And what is the origin of a good body? Eat countless health products? Have countless wealth? Probably not.
Sleep is the third physiological prerequisite after relaying heartbeat and breathing in the life process. In times of epidemic and double stress, good sleep not only helps to restore energy and physical strength, but also enhances immunity and protects the body.
In sleep life, the intimacy between the sleep angel spring mattress and all parts of the body is the highest, so the choice of single spring memory foam mattress is directly affecting our sleep quality. So, what is the standard of a good single spring mattress price? How can I use the most sensible money to buy the most suitable single size spring mattress?
One of the essential elements of a good single bed spring mattress price-support
Supportability is the core of whether the single pocket spring mattress can bring healthy sleep. Good supportability can ensure that the human body will not cause partial depression of the waist due to uneven distribution of gravity on the silent night spring mattress, resulting in morphological changes of the spine bones, causing spine problems .
No. 2
One of the essential elements of a good silent night pocket spring mattress-comfort
It makes people comfortable and can fall asleep. This is the basic requirement of the sell well continuous spring mattress to meet human needs. The comfort of the royal spring mattress mainly includes two aspects. One is the degree of fit between the surface of the royal pocket spring mattress and the human body, which in turn affects the area of ​​the royal pocket coil spring mattress that carries the weight of the human body. And the degree of pressure, the second is the feel of the royal comfort spring mattress surface.
No. 3
One of the essential elements of a good rolled spring mattress-breathability
The breathability of the rollable spring mattress can quickly dissipate the heat and water vapor generated by human skin during sleep, thus ensuring a suitable temperature and humidity for the sleeping environment.
No. 4
One of the essential elements of a good roll up packing spring mattress-safety
During sleep, the human body directly contacts the roll pocket coil spring mattress. If there are any harmful substances or safety hazards, it may cause serious injury to the human body.
No. 5
One of the essential elements of a good roll packed spring mattress-quietness
People are very sensitive to noise during sleep, especially roll pack spring bed mattresses that are close to people. If the roll in box pocket spring mattress emits a weak sound during sleep, it will also affect the quality of sleep.
No. 6
One of the essential elements of a good roll box pocket spring mattress-no electromagnetic field radiation
Electromagnetic field radiation will weaken people's immunity and accelerate cell canceration. If the retro pocket spring mattress contains a metal spring or electric mechanism, it will form a strong magnetic resonance with the Tv radio wave FM radio wave in the environment. Human sleep is exposed to strong electromagnetic field radiation. Human cells The probability of cancer has increased more than ten times.
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