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What are the principles for choosing environmentally friendly mattresses?

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What are the principles for choosing environmentally friendly mattresses?

What are the principles for choosing environmentally friendly mattresses?
There are too many principles for choosing an environmentally friendly sleep well spring mattress. Too many people say that the sleeping mattress price compressed spring mattress has deep water, many doorways, and too much attention, which dazzles you. I want to say whether it is understandable or not. Here are the principles for choosing environmentally friendly sleeping spring mattresses for everyone?
Most sleepwell pocket spring mattress buyers want to buy furniture and sleepwell spring bed mattresses when their house is renovated. They want their sleepwell spring mattresses to be more environmentally friendly and more comfortable. As the name suggests, if the soft foam pocket spring mattress is environmentally friendly, it must be made of environmentally friendly materials. It is impossible to make an environmentally friendly soft pocket spring mattress if the material is not environmentally friendly. The essential problem is the key. The spring is not environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, just pay attention to the nature of steel, is it right? High-carbon steel and production process and post-quenching issues.
There are many coconut palms on the market that are pressed with glue adhesives. The glue adhesives must contain formaldehyde. Foreign propaganda said that natural coconut palm, such manufacturers are relatively few.
A good coconut palm is coconut dream dimension, which is extracted with coconut palm fiber and pressed with friction to make it without a little glue adhesive, so this coconut palm is environmentally friendly.
When it comes to latex, you must be mentally prepared. Ninety percent of the current market is blended fake latex. It looks like the real one. In fact, it is simply a formaldehyde release machine. It will never be environmentally friendly. Such manufacturers use consumers to cheap Psychology.
Authentic latex has a cool feeling and smells of natural rubber. This thing is very fragile. It can't be exposed to the sun, can't be blown, can't be washed, and it's very delicate. If you want to know the true and false of latex, I tell you a good way to let the seller drink with the latex made on site.
Try not to use sponges for filling, use high-elastic cotton that has been treated, and the formaldehyde inside is very low. In the production process, many manufacturers are reluctant to use environmentally friendly glue. The glue used is very smelly. Here I suggest you to ask if your soft spring mattress has any odor. If the smell is particularly heavy, congratulations, your sleep well pocket spring mattress can be returned.