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Efficacy of latex queen size spring mattress

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Efficacy of latex queen size spring mattress

Efficacy of latex queen size spring mattress


I believe everyone has used such things as latex queen size pocket spring mattresses in life. The elasticity of this kind of thing is relatively high, which can meet our various sleeping postures, and the degree of fit with the body is better, and it can be corrected. For deliberation and ventilation and bacteriostasis, you can come to understand the effectiveness of latex queen size mattress spring pocketes, but patients with cervical spondylosis cannot use latex queen size mattress pocket springes to avoid pain in the lumbar spine.
1. Super high elasticity
Natural latex's super high elasticity and fit? Can make the latex queen size latex spring mattress adapt to people of different weights, naturally adapt to any posture of the sleeper, and the fit of the body can reach 95%? And the fit of the ordinary queen size hotel spring mattress and the body It can only reach 60-75%. Natural latex can also improve backache and insomnia caused by sleep.
2. Orthopedic function
Latex queen size elastic spring mattresses are 3-5 times higher in contact with the human body than ordinary queen size box spring mattresses. They can evenly distribute the body's weight bearing capacity, and can automatically adjust the bad sleeping posture, relax the spine, and have orthopedic functions.
3. Breathable and antibacterial
The molecular structure of latex is special, with good comfort, breathability, mildew resistance, dust mites, and the inhibition of the growth of bacteria and parasites. The open latex porous airbag structure has 250,000 internally connected vent holes in each cubic inch. Air circulates freely in the queen size  box spring bed mattress, which can disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the queen pocket spring hotel mattress during sleep, and keep the body comfortable and dry during sleep. Therefore, sleeping on a latex queen mattress box spring in summer will be much cooler than an ordinary queen mattress and box spring. There is no sultry lying on the queen box spring bed mattress, and the phenomenon of irritability and difficulty in falling asleep.