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Mattress hardness reference value, mattress hardness for sleep

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Mattress hardness reference value, mattress hardness for sleep

Mattress hardness reference value, mattress hardness for sleep
The key to affecting sleep comfort is the softness and hardness of the mattress. How to grade the 7 star hotel mattress hardness? Buy a 7-zone latex mattress that suits you according to the standard. The American website has 10 degrees of 7 zones natural latex mattress hardness, with 0 being the hardest and 10 being the softest. The average Simmons is above 2.5 degrees, this kind of hardness is not unacceptable, compared to traditional domestic 7 zone orthopedic latex mattresses, they are still soft. Under normal circumstances, it is wise to choose a 6 spring mattress with a temperature of about 5 degrees. Choosing a 5-zone pocket spring hotel mattress that is too soft will result in prone to picking a bed outside during long-term sleep. If the bed is wrong, you will not be able to sleep.
For teenagers and the elderly, 5-zone pocket coils mattresses that are too soft are not suitable, so it is best to choose a 5-star hotel mattress that is less than 5 hard. It is not necessary to pick too soft 5 zone pocket coils mattresses, which is not conducive to the development of young people's bones and is not good for the elderly's cervical spine.
Choosing an excellent 5 zone mattress is a misunderstanding of people, this kind of mat will damage your health. On a hard mat, your exercise does not get support, but instead turns sleep into a physical labor. A person lying on a hard 5 zone latex mattress is only under pressure from the head, back, hips, and heels. The rest of the body is not fully settled. The spine is actually stiff and tense, and blood circulation to the back is interrupted and distorted. Therefore, the quality of the entire sleep is reduced. Not only can not achieve the best rest effect, but also to sleep such a 5 star mattress for a long time will also be harmful to health.
A 5 star luxury hotel mattress that is too soft will sag as soon as you lie on your body. The spine will be bent for a long time, which will cause pressure on the internal organs. For a long time, it is also unhealthy and uncomfortable.
The softness and hardness of the 5 star hotel pocket mattress directly affect the quality of sleep. Compared with the harder wood board 5 star hotel mattresses for sale and the softer foam bed, the soft and moderate spring 5 star hotel mattress wholesale is more conducive to getting a good sleep.
The distribution of the support force of the spring 5 star hotel mattress brand on the body is relatively uniform and reasonable, which can not only play a full supporting role, but also ensure a reasonable physiological curvature of the spine; use the spring 5 star hotel luxury mattress to sleep more peacefully, improve the overall sleep efficiency, and wake up the body Comfort and mental state are better. Using a spring 5 star hotel furniture mattress can get a higher quality sleep than using a plank or sponge 5 star hotel bedroom mattress furniture.
In order to identify whether the 5 star hotel bed mattress has good elasticity, you can use your knee to test the bed surface, or sit down at the corner of the bed and try to see if the compressed 4 star hotel mattress can quickly return to its original shape. A good 4 inch mattress with good elasticity can be restored to its original state immediately after being compressed.