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How to choose the hardness of the mattress for children to sleep?

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How to choose the hardness of the mattress for children to sleep?

How to choose the hardness of the mattress for children to sleep?
Children are the flowers of the motherland. Parents are in the palm of their hands. Their sleep and rest at night are inseparable from suitable children's mattresses. Good children's mattresses can promote the growth and development of bones and the healthy growth of the body. So, how to choose the hardness of the amazon best selling mattress for children to sleep?
Let’s first understand the hazards of children’s all size mattresses that are too soft or too hard. Too soft all natural latex mattress brandses make children fall asleep comfortably but easily fall over, making it difficult to turn over. A all natural latex mattress that is too rigid cannot properly support all parts of the body, but it can cause more serious chronic injuries to the spine, especially the developing child. Once the spine is damaged, it will not only affect the length and appearance of the body, but even affect it. The development of internal organs.
Viewed from the side, the spine is a micro-S shape, and the support of the human spine is not enough to rely on a rigid wooden board. Children's sleeping habits are more lying down. When lying down, the child's abdomen will cause pressure on the concave lumbar spine, and the lumbar spine is stressed downwards, while the hardwood bed does not provide support for the concave waist, the upper thoracic spine And the cervical spine will naturally tilt forward, affecting spine development. If you want to ensure that the all latex mattress brands can effectively support the entire S shape, you must ensure that the all latex mattress can fit concavely on the hips and back, and convex on the waist and neck to give force. The hard place is hard, the soft place is soft.
What hardness a king size mattress is suitable for children to sleep, come take a look! It is necessary to achieve comfort and practicality in parallel, with scientific softness, balanced support, anti-mildew and no smell, breathable and not rash. 8 inch thick mattresses are household products that have been in contact for a long time. The growth of children, the relaxation of the elderly, and the rest of the rest are all in need of good 8 inch mattresses.