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The packaging film on the 3d mesh fabric mattress i

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-08
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The packaging film on the 3d mesh fabric mattress i

It turned out that she had done something wrong for so many years! The packaging film on the 3d mesh fabric mattress is more susceptible to moisture and mold without tearing
Would you like to tear the packaging film on the 3d fabric latex  mattress
As a bystander, do I feel that this is really necessary?
I bought a new 30d high density foam mattress at home, and there is usually a film on it. This mother-in-law feels that it cannot be torn. It can be kept the same as the new one. Even if you have children, you don’t have to worry about changing the 3-zone pocket spring mattress when you encounter bedwetting. It can isolate the smell of the 3 star hotel mattress, so it really makes sense.
But I don’t hide it. I’m on the side of her daughter-in-law. The packaging film on the 14 inch pocket spring mattress must be torn. After all, I have seen some uncles and maids in the community drying their 12 queen mattresses, and they have been damp and moldy for a long time, because this film wraps the 12 inch mattress and is not breathable.
What's more, there is no need to sell things without unpacking, this film is just to prevent dirt during transportation. If you are worried about the smell of the 100% rebound mattress, you can tear open the air and wait for it to taste. As for worrying about children's bedwetting etc., they now basically have waterproof mats, and it doesn't cost much to buy one.
Some people feel that they have been sleeping for a long time at home, and the bed will feel wet and wet. It will also be related to this layer of film on the 100% latex  bed mattress. The enclosed space is more susceptible to moisture. In addition to mold, the internal structure of the 100 natural latex mattress manufacturers is also unhealthy. Rust is corroded, so it is difficult to use your 100 natural latex mattress for a long time.
Now the 100 latex mattress sale design is very user-friendly, and some businesses will also flow to the ventilation holes on the side of the bed. This is based on a reasonable scientific basis. If you don’t tear this film, wouldn’t it be a waste of the merchant’s intentions .
In order to use the 100 cotton mattress longer, in addition to tearing off this film, we also need to pay attention to daily use.
It is basically flipped about once a year to make the force even; do not sit on the bed and the corners for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the spring; if there are stains, please clean them in time, especially water and detergent.