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Mattress accompanies you through the warm winter

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Mattress accompanies you through the warm winter

Mattress accompanies you through the warm winter
1. Technological product design and standardized production
The mattress series products include four sizes of electric heating pad, single, double and large to meet the individual needs of the family. The ecological stone on the mattress does not use any colloids, but uses advanced high-frequency embossing technology, which is beautiful and safe. The dense and dense arrangement of the ecological stones has also been carefully designed, which can also exert acupressure when used. Xilaijian mattress technology and unique appearance design have also obtained national patents.
In production, an intelligent production management system is adopted to achieve lean production and standardization of quality. On the premise of ensuring the quality of products, we will improve product production efficiency, meet the increasing consumer demand of consumers, and strive to provide customers with high-quality products.
2. Product safety and convenience that make consumers rest assured
Product safety is the life of an enterprise, and it is the embodiment of corporate social responsibility. In order to allow consumers to use safe and assured products, mattresses start from the details and from the source.
First of all, in terms of safety design, the mattress adopts double safety prevention and control, with sensors and thermostats set up to automatically stop heating when the mattress temperature is too high. The thermostat is also specially set with a timing shutdown function: 8 hours or 12 hours to automatically shut down to prevent safety hazards caused by long-term heating. If the mattress does not reach the set temperature for more than two hours, in order to prevent long-term heating, the thermostat will enter the anti-overheating mode and the mattress temperature will begin to drop. If there is a sudden power failure during the use of the mattress, the mattress will activate the power failure protection function. The inside of the mattress uses a silica gel non-magnetic boundary heating wire, and the electromagnetic waves generated by the power supply are processed through the neutral wire (copper mesh), which is more healthy and safe for the human body.

Secondly, in terms of convenience design, in order to meet the different temperature needs of family members, the mattress thermostat is specially designed with zones to independently control the heating and switching functions. In this way, the two people sleeping on both sides of the mattress can set their favorite temperatures.

In the temperature setting, the mattress setting range is 30℃-60℃, and the unit is adjusted by 1℃. The thermostat can also display the real-time temperature of the mattress surface, so you can use it comfortably and at ease.

3. Strict product certification and testing
In addition to passing the national CCC product compulsory safety certification, the mattress has also undergone a series of voluntary product certification and testing, including the CQC China Quality Certification Center certification for thermostats and heating wires, and the far-infrared emission commissioned by the Chinese Academy of Metrology. Rate testing, commissioned by the National Building Materials Testing Center to conduct analysis and testing of hazardous substances, radionuclides and components. These certifications and tests are our confidence in our products and our solemn commitment to consumers.
 Dear customers and friends, I hope that the mattress can come into your life and bring you health and warmth. The mattress adds color to your life!
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