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Why more sleep more tired?

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Why more sleep more tired?

Why more sleep more tired? Your mattress was not the right one!
We spend almost a third of our 24 hours a day in bed (not only sleeping, but checking our phones and watching TV).
Can say, the comfortable degree of mattess, be closely bound up with skeletal health and life quality.
Mattress is not comfortable, cause lumbago very likely, involve hip, knee joint, even whole posture produces change.
When a baby learns to look up, sit up and walk, it will gradually form four physiological curvature of the spine, namely, cervical curvature, lumbar curvature, thoracic curvature and sacral curvature.
The physical curvature stabilizes the position of the internal organs and cushions the impact of movement on the spine.After the physiological curvature stabilizes, the surrounding muscles form protective mechanisms to stabilize the normal physiological curve.
If you keep bad posture for a long time, such as lowering your head to brush your mobile phone, sitting for a long time, it will lead to the imbalance of the muscles around your cervical spine and lumbar spine.
The muscles of the body don't work alone, but interact, one pulling forward, the other pulling back, in a tug of war to keep the bones stable.
When bending over for a long time, one side will be tense for a long time, while the other side will be relaxed for a long time, which will not only cause inflammation of overstretched muscles, but also lead to degeneration of bone tissue (such as wear and tear, dislocation, disc herniation, etc.), resulting in the feeling of pain.Severe, compression to the spinal cord nerves, there will be leg numbness, severe pain symptoms appear.
The old man used to say, "A hard bed is good for the waist, but not a soft one!"Does that make sense?
Each person's spinal condition is not the same, can not be generalized.But generally speaking, soft bed does have a more obvious negative effect on the waist.When sleeping on one's side, the mattress was analyzed for its support to the neck, shoulders, waist and hips (figure below).
Soft bed: the human body shows the state of a depression, each part is attached to the mattress, there is a kind of wrapping feeling, sleep very well.But from a mechanical point of view, the neck curvature is supported by pillows and is not affected.But the place of bosom, waist, hip, cannot get strong support, right now in order to maintain physiology curvature, muscle must use extra strength, lift the body.
This night, the muscles that should have rested from work had to work overtime all the time, so they would be tired and sore naturally.Therefore, it is not surprising to wake up with a backache.
Hard board bed: that is too soft not to, hard board bed enough hard, be good to the waist?
Isn't.Because hard board bed it hurt ~~
When you sleep, your muscles should rest and your bones should stretch.And on hard board bed, shoulder, hip, foot becomes stress point, the waist is suspended however.
This leads to the stress point of the oppression is too serious, blood circulation blocked, and the suspended place, alone hard support, muscles can not work late ~ so the next day, the shoulder will be painful, waist will be acid.
In the long run, the spine can become too twisted, leading to more serious bone lesions.
Appropriate mattess, should have very good support to shoulder, hip, foot, assure body and mattess maintain parallel and not be sunken go down.At the same time, it also forms a buffer effect to help the muscles relax.
Choose according to your weight
The crowd that weight compares heavy, the proposal chooses harder bed, and thin person, can choose a few softer mattess.The idea is that thin people need more fit to relax their bones.And the person that weight base compares big, the pressure to mattess is bigger, the mattess that needs to support degree a few stronger.
2. Pregnant women
Pregnant woman is in special period, especially in the third trimester, the burden of waist + abdomen is very big, there already is the circumstance of pelvis forward, lumbar ache.And the bed that is too soft, the support to the waist is bad, can aggravate lumbar ache further.
At the same time, the pregnant woman's pelvic stability decreased, ligaments are more relaxed than usual.When you roll over and get up on a soft bed, the body sinks and requires more effort for support, which is not good for the pelvis.
Of course, if the pregnancy replacement mattress, to strictly choose environmental protection materials, to avoid poor quality glue mattress, to protect the safety of the mother and child.
3. Teenagers
Children in growth and development period, bone development is not complete, need good support, to avoid lumbar dysplasia, scoliosis.
It is also because of the rapid development of the bone during the growth period that the rate of lateral bending is accelerated.By the time it's discovered, there may have been some degree of severity.Therefore, parents must pay attention to early, early prevention.
If you already have a lateral bend, you should take your doctor's advice based on the classification of the lateral bends.For example, if there is an S-shaped lateral curvature (left thoracic curvature and right lumbar curvature at the same time), lie flat on a hard bed.
4. Elderly people and people with lumbar disc herniation
The spine of the elderly with age, are dehydration, embrittlement, degeneration.A soft bed does not provide enough support for the waist, which can accelerate inflammation and degeneration, so older people should sleep in a hard bed.
And the person with lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration even herniation, want to sleep hard bed more.Originally skeleton already was in incorrect physiology curvature to go up, again sleep soft bed, can aggravate an illness only.
1. Judge the hardness and softness
From the material, the general palm mattress hardness is better, and latex relatively soft some.In the meantime, different thickness, also can have an effect to hardness, so oneself still go to the spot try, the most safe.
To try it, lie flat on your mattress and put your hands between your neck, waist, hips and thighs to see if there is any space between the three obvious bends.Lie on the mattress on one's side again, see below body hollow place and the connection of mattress, have no gap.
If gap is very big, criterion mattess is too hard, if gap is not apparent, prove more appropriate.
Of course, A lot of mattess use the form of palm of one side, latex of one side now, when wanting to sleep soft bed, use A side, want to sleep hard bed to use B side.
2. Good support
The spring mattress compares ideal ply is 12~18 centimeters.The thicker the palm mattress, the harder it is likely to be.In the selection, or to separate according to the material.
If it is already a very hard bed board, you can spread on the top of the mattress, for relief.
Matress slept for a long time, some hardness and support force can drop, produce local sag even.At this point you can flip the mattress and see if there is an improvement.
If there's still a noticeable collapse, it's best to get a new mattress.Uneven, tilt can cause lower back pain.
At the same time, regular mattress cleaning, eliminating mites, will be more beneficial to health.
To the person of lumbago, can pad a small pillow in lumbar fossa, increase the support strength of lumbar.
If your pelvis is tilting forward and causing pain, put a pillow in your thigh to improve the curvature and ease the pain.
When sleeping on your side, place a pillow between your thighs so that your legs are raised and the pressure and twisting of your spine are reduced, which helps protect your spine.
Arch bridge (five-point support)
Friends with lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation can do some arched bridge (five-point support) and small swallow flying (lying on the ground, raising head, stretching both hands and back up) to strengthen the muscle strength of the waist, increase the stability of the spine, and alleviate inflammation.
From the Angle of biomechanics, the support strength of soft bed is inferior to hard bed to the waist, so teenager, old people and the friend with bad waist, the proposal chooses hard bed.
But sleeping on a hard bed is not the same as being as hard as possible. There still needs to be some fit to help muscles and bones fully relax during sleep.
Of course, the sleeping habit of each person is different, everybody can according to oneself circumstance, choose suitable mattess, wish you also can have infant-like sleep ~!