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Tips for cleaning the mattress, hurry up and clean your mattress!

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Tips for cleaning the mattress, hurry up and clean your mattress!

Tips for cleaning the mattress, hurry up and clean your mattress!
First of all, please take out our mattress cleaning artifact-vacuum cleaner!
Vacuum the mattress with a vacuum cleaner to suck in all the dirt that can be seen with the naked eye.
note! To suck close to the surface of the mattress like this, pay more attention to the gaps in the grooves, as a lot of dirt is hidden inside.
Experts tell us that it is usually enough to suck once every time the sheets are changed.

The dirt visible to the naked eye is cleaned up, and then we will deal with liquid stains. Stains are classified into protein stains, oil stains and tannic acid stains. Blood, sweat, and children’s urine are protein stains, while fruit juice and tea are tannic acid stains.
When cleaning protein stains, be sure to use cold water, use a pressing technique to suck out the stains, and then use a dry cloth to blot the dirty areas.
To deal with fresh blood stains, we have a magic weapon-ginger!
In the process of rubbing with blood, ginger will loosen and disintegrate protein stains, and also has a bleaching function. After the ginger has dripped up, wipe it with a cloth that has been cold water, and then use a dry cloth or paper towel to absorb the moisture.
If it is the old blood stain, we need to change a kind of vegetable-carrot! Add salt to the carrot juice first.
Then drip the adjusted juice on the old blood stains and wipe it with a cloth soaked in cold water. Blood stains contain heme as the main coloring substance, while carrots contain a large amount of carotene, which can neutralize the iron ions in blood stains to produce a colorless substance.
To deal with non-protein stains, experts also brought a stain remover. Mix hydrogen peroxide and detergent in a ratio of 2:1, and the stain remover is ready.
Put a small drop on the stain on the mattress, then gently wipe it evenly and brush gently with a toothbrush. Let it stand for about 5 minutes, and then wipe it with a cold damp cloth. The stubborn stains are removed!
Because the mattress cannot touch water, after using the stain remover, pat the mattress hard and blow it dry with an electric fan. Make sure that the mattress is dry before you can continue using it.
After removing the stains, we proceed to the final step-deodorization. Here you need to use the baking soda that is available at home.
Sprinkle baking soda powder evenly on the mattress, wait for 30 minutes, and then vacuum it up.
The mattress is now cleaned! In order to extend the life of the mattress, we can also turn the mattress up and down once every quarter, so that the life of the mattress will be greatly extended! We can also use a mattress protector, so that the mattress that has been used for a few years will be the same as the new one!