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If you want to sleep well, you must know the 4 key points for choosing a foam single mattress!

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If you want to sleep well, you must know the 4 key points for choosing a foam single mattress!

If you want to sleep well, you must know the 4 key points for choosing a foam single mattress!
Among many home improvement problems, in addition to hard clothes, soft clothes are also a headache.
The selection of furniture is big, especially when choosing a bedroom foam sell mattress, there are elderly and children at home, how should the foam royal mattress be selected?
I believe that the influence of the softness of the foam rolling mattress on sleep is felt by many small partners. In addition, different people have different ways to choose a foam pillow top hotel mattress because of different physical conditions.
Children: Comfortable ridge protection, antibacterial and anti-mite
Childhood is the longest period of sleep in a person's life. When choosing a foam orthopedic mattress or other sleep products, the main considerations are comfort and safety.
Children are in the growth period, the bones and spine have not been shaped, so when choosing a foam orthopedic mattress, you need to pay special attention to the softness and hardness of the foam only mattress.
Because children are in the period of soft bones and spine growth shaping, whether it is too soft or too stiff foam memory mattress, it is not conducive to children's spine growth. A foam memory foam mattress that is too soft can deform the spine of the child, and a foam medical bed mattress that is too hard can cause pain, so a foam mattress wholesale factory that is moderately soft and hard is more moderate.
In addition, compared with adults, children's skin is very delicate and slender, more likely to be allergic to mites, causing cough and itching.
Coupled with the children's strong metabolism and strong secretion, the foam mattress wholesale is more likely to breed mites, so it is necessary to choose bacteriostatic and anti-mite foam mattress vs hybrides and bedding.
Seniors: Moderate hardness and independent support
The body muscles of the elderly degenerate with age, so the comfort of bedding is very important for the elderly. It is best to distinguish the situation and choose different products.
The figure is thin, too soft foam mattress top is not conducive to the elderly to turn over, it is not convenient to get up at night.
The figure is fatter, and it is easy to sweat at night. Choose comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent sleep products.
Osteoporosis, a hard foam mattress student can put pressure on the spine.
In addition, the sleep of the elderly is generally very shallow, and it is easy to be disturbed, so you can choose an independent tube spring foam mattress single size. Its mute and anti-jamming function can take care of the quality sleep of the elderly.
Adults: Moderate hardness and reasonable support
The spine of an adult has basically been shaped, and it is stronger than the elderly and children, but this does not mean that the foam mattress single bed of the adult can be selected at will.
Adults are under a lot of work pressure, and a soft and moderate foam mattress single bed can help them relieve fatigue.
Pregnant women: Partially supported, dry and breathable
Pregnancy is a very special experience for every mother. During the tenth month of pregnancy, the sleeping position of the pregnant woman should be paid more attention to.
However, maintaining a sleeping position for a long time at night is easy to cause fatigue to the body, so it is very important for pregnant mothers to keep the bedding comfortable.
From a health point of view, pregnant women are not suitable for sleeping on soft foam mattress singlees. It is more appropriate to choose a foam mattress shop near me with a hard sleeping, dry and breathable foam mattress shop.
Different groups of people have common concerns
In fact, no matter what kind of crowd, it is not difficult to find that there is a common concern when selecting foam mattress setes, that is, support. foam mattress set support is the most important step in choosing a foam mattress roll packing, and it has a very important effect on keeping the spine healthy.
In general, most people are more suitable for soft and moderate foam mattress roll in boxes, so is there a foam mattress regular that can fit different body shapes to meet the needs of different people?
There really is!
Instantly adapt to the situation and take the initiative to fit your body
Just like the "Good Sleep Superman" who takes care of your sleep, it can give you 360-degree embrace support and protect your healthy sleep.
It is soft Q-elastic and flexible. It has both the feeling of being wrapped in latex and memory foam and the support of an independent barrel spring. It can be extended 360 degrees in all directions, so that every sleeping position of you can be comfortably supported every time you turn over.
Durable and environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and breathable
With the same "indomitable" qualities as the women's volleyball girls, the space resin ball can be restored to its original state after many "ravages". The powerful "recovery ability" makes it fearless to change and durable.
The unique honeycomb arrangement structure, there is a distance between one and a half fingers to two fingers between each resin ball, which can fully circulate air and maintain ventilation.
It is worth mentioning that the main components of the space resin ball are often used in women's skin care products, baby lotions and other materials, safe and skin-friendly, and can be used with confidence.
4 cores, care for quality sleep