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Backache after getting up?

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Backache after getting up?

Backache after getting up? Choosing the wrong foam mattress queen sale will not only deform the spine but also affect family relations!
Among the major problems plaguing contemporary people, sleep definitely occupies the leading position. In the "Academician Li Lanjuan race with the" New Crown "virus, how many hours a day do I sleep? 8 hours of sleep or fake science! 》 Zhongxiaole talked about the importance of sleep laws:
To start a refreshing day, you must put the alarm clock in a light sleep period.
But this is not enough, the brain is sober, and the body's feelings cannot be ignored! What's the matter with someone who feels a "false" sleep after getting up?
After excluding the factor of dreaming, your foam mattress quality is not selected correctly! foam mattress price! foam mattress pad! Take a look at back pain! (PS: This is not an advertisement, it is true science!)
The human spine is "S" -shaped when viewed from the side, and most of the human figure is also "concave and convex".
A good foam mattress online must be able to fully accept your body shape (whether it is an apple or pear shape), evenly distribute the weight of the whole body, and maintain the normal shape of the spine regardless of lying down or lying on the side!
This allows the muscles to relax completely and make people sleep well.
Through this picture, let's see what effect foam mattress manufactureres of different hardness have on the body.
too hard
The first problem with a bed that is too hard is "too panic." The little skinny sleeps on a hard bed, and after a night of tumbling, he will send you a bruise.
Sleeping on a rigid bed was very popular a few years ago, and doctors always advised patients after treating patients with low back pain: Do not sleep on a bed that is too soft, and change to a rigid bed.
Ordinary people have a problem that they like to interpret too much.
In the end, it turned into a bed that sleeps very hard. Like Professor Zhang Wenhong's recent phrase "Don't drink porridge for breakfast", it was interpreted as "Chongyangmeiwai" by a group of sprayers.
The doctor recommends a harder bed because before that, people blindly pursued comfort and used the super-soft Simmons for many years!
In addition, a bed that is too stiff is not friendly to raised bones and joints.
On a rigid bed, only the head, back, hips, and heels are under pressure. At this time, the spine is in a state of stiffness and tension, and the muscles of the lower back are required to support the body. The muscles and bones cannot be relaxed at all.
Too soft
Too soft foam mattress malaysia will bend the spine, causing back pain in the short term;
For a long time, this will cause the middle part of the body to sink. At this time, the upper half of the body's muscles are tightened, and the lower half of the muscles are relaxed. People are more likely to have lumbar muscle strain and even cause spine deformation.
How to choose a suitable foam mattress king single
Lie flat on the foam mattress in japan and reach into the neck, waist and hips to the thighs. If the gap between them exceeds 6cm, it means the foam mattress hot is too hard;
To identify whether a foam mattress full xl is too soft, you can use the method of lying on the side. If the head touches the foam mattress for single bed smoothly, and the hips sink directly, it means that the foam mattress for sale is too soft;
A suitable foam mattress for kids is filled with three large gaps when lying flat, buttocks sag when lying on the side, and a pillow is needed for the head.
I have learned how to choose a foam mattress folding bed. The variety of materials on the market is also eye-catching. In recent years, latex foam mattress foldablees have been heated up. Which one is right for you?
In fact, the foam mattress durabilityes currently on the market can be summarized as latex and polyurethane (including palm pads and spring pads).
In 2017, a team from the Department of Medical Engineering at the National University of Singapore conducted an experiment to test the effect of latex pads and polyurethane foam mattress doublees on human contact pressure. The results showed that:
Latex pads can better reduce pressure peaks on the human torso and buttocks.
That is to say, the latex pad will not be "LUO", more comfortable, but the price is more expensive!
Finally, pay attention to the size of the foam mattress companies.
The single bed is usually 90cm wide, but the double bed needs to be at least 180cm to sleep.
Nowadays, due to the tight housing, many families have double beds of only 150cm. It is good to squeeze and squeeze when you first get married. The time is long.
If the economy permits, try to choose a bigger foam mattress colorful. It's too crowded and you can't sleep well!