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It was only after I slept that I knew that the original mattress was just playing on the floor!

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-06
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It was only after I slept that I knew that the original mattress was just playing on the floor!

It was only after I slept that I knew that the original mattress was just playing on the floor!
During the epidemic, in addition to work, many people stayed in bed for the longest time every day. Everyone in the editorial department said, "Oh, I have a backache when I sleep."
If you want to fall asleep without hurting your waist, maybe you can change to a latex mattress.
That being said, the buyer friends of the editorial department enthusiastically recommended this latex mattress from Dr. Sleep, which is made of latex imported from Thailand. The latex content is as high as 85%, and the price is only 1,000.
Latex mattresses have been popular in the market in recent years because of their comfortable and anti-mite properties. But it also gives bad businessmen a chance to use. Latex products that many people buy at a high price when traveling abroad are actually three products that cannot be digged.
With a stable supply chain and huge shipments, Dr. Sleep's latex mattresses have huge advantages in quality and price. This negative ion bamboo charcoal 5cm latex mattress is DIGLANT's recent triumph.
Don't let mites stay with you overnight
Ordinary mattresses will inevitably deposit dust inside after a long time of use. In addition, they are hygroscopic and airtight. When used for a long time, millions of mites will be generated in the mattress.
The number of mites is large and the reproduction speed is fast. Once you settle in your mattress, it is very difficult to completely remove them. They are also the main source of most skin allergies.
It was only after I slept that I knew that the original mattress was just playing on the floor!
The oak protein contained in natural latex can inhibit pathogens and allergens. At the same time, its good ventilation and ventilation properties also destroy the mite living environment. Therefore, for people with respiratory diseases or allergies, latex mattresses are a good choice. s Choice.
This latex mattress has a layer of bamboo charcoal specially added on top of the latex layer. This kind of bamboo charcoal is made of high-grade Alpine bamboo as raw material, which can absorb dust and remove moisture, which further eliminates the mite breeding Possibility.
Fully fit, move with shape
Protects the spine and fits the body perfectly
In addition to being anti-mite, another major feature of this latex mattress is that it is moderately soft and firm, fits highly with the body, and has excellent support and resilience.
The spine is not a straight line, but an radian curve approximately S-shaped. Sleeping on a hard mattress, the waist will hang, and the stress points are concentrated only on the part that closely fits the mattress, and the body has not been completely relaxed overnight.
The bed that is too soft lacks support, and the whole body will sag when lying down. Instead, when you wake up, you will feel backache. In the long run, the spine may be deformed.
The latex mattress has strong support, fast rebound, and a good fit with the body. As soon as you lie down, it seems that every bone and every inch of meat has found a suitable place, no matter what sleeping position, it can sleep. Reasonably disperse the pressure and weight of the human body and have a comprehensive support for the body.
With such a comfortable mattress, who would lose sleep?
After 100% natural latex is vulcanized, it will form a unique small honeycomb structure, with an average of about 25,000 full-cell honeycomb structures per cubic inch, and each small hole is equivalent to a point spring, which makes Natural latex has good "full-point rebound" performance, which can more ideally support the body and disperse pressure.
These honeycomb structures also allow it to accommodate more air flow, disperse the sweat and heat emitted by the body, making it more dry and breathable, cool in winter and warm in summer.
In order to test the support of the mattress, we did a test with raw eggs.
The fragile raw egg meets the latex mattress, even if it is "crushed" by the body's weight of more than 100 kg, it will remain intact.
When the local pressure is too high, the eggs are still not broken, indicating that the pressure is evenly released on the latex mattress.
Let's take a look at the following test:
Put a glass of red wine on the mattress, and let people jump on the mattress.
No matter how the friends who participated in the test jumped, the glass on the mattress was almost immobile, and the red wine in the glass was not poured at all.
Because of the excellent resilience and support of latex mattresses, it has a "silent" effect. People who sleep lightly are worth having: two people lying on it, no matter how the other person rolls over will not affect you, it is simply a weapon to maintain family peace.
Fully fit, move with shape
Three-layer composite design, breathable and comfortable
Unlike most latex mattresses on the market, this mattress is divided into three layers: the negative ion layer at the bottom, the latex layer in the middle, and the top layer of bamboo charcoal. This makes it more breathable and hygroscopic and adds self-cleaning function, which is very suitable for the rainy season. In the summer, even if you have sweat on your body, you don't worry that it will get damp and airtight after a long time.
The mattress has two layers of inner and outer cloth covers, a mesh cloth inner cover to protect the inner core; a jacquard air layer jacket, which is gentle and delicate in hand, and has a zipper on the side for easy removal and washing.
It doesn't matter if you are reluctant to throw away the existing mattress, just stack it on top of the existing mattress.
Fully fit, move with shape
Good things recommended
To get a good night's sleep, just changing the mattress is not enough, and you need a comfortable pillow.
This constant temperature zero-degree cotton memory pillow was produced by the R & D team after collecting 100,000 user feedbacks and experienced 71 process recipe debugging.
The pillow is made of a new MDI foaming process, which has the dual advantages of latex and natural sponge. It has both the softness of a memory foam pillow and the high resilience of the latex pillow, which gently releases cervical spine pressure.
If you have a bad cervical spine and are not used to sleeping on a hard pillow, be sure to try it.
Gentle release of cervical pressure