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Different soft and hard to choose a bed rationally

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Different soft and hard to choose a bed rationally

Different soft and hard to choose a bed rationally
Because of the problem of unsuitable mattresses, many people found that they did n’t want what they wanted after they bought the mattress home. They spent a lot of money to buy it. It ’s a pity to discard it and put it on too much space. It ’s really wasteful, so Buying a mattress does not require the most expensive one, but seek the one that suits you best. In view of my own loss, according to the types of hot mattresses, we will briefly analyze what kind of mattresses are suitable for people to clear mines.
The current mainstream mattress materials on the market are natural latex, independent springs, sponges and new popular functional cotton. Their softness, resilience, support and other properties are different.
By age
Most people are aware of buying mattresses according to age. Old people often have back pain and osteoporosis, so they need a harder mattress; young and middle-aged people are relatively strong and have no problem in pursuit of comfort. You can choose a soft latex plus independent spring combination mattress. Of course, if Sedentary people can also choose medium-strength functional cotton mattresses; the spine of adolescents and children need to grow, too soft or too hard. At this time, you can choose a functional cotton mattress that fits the body curve better.
By weight
The weight is relatively simple. Fat people are suitable for harder ones, with good resilience. You can choose medium or hard functional cotton mattresses; thin people are suitable for soft mattresses. Latex sleeps best.
According to sleeping position
Distinguish by the habit of sleeping. Few people will realize that people who are used to sleeping on the side have a higher pressure and can choose a softer latex mattress; if the habit of sleeping is relatively large, you can choose a medium-hard functional sponge.
Of course, in addition to the common parameters mentioned above, there are many parameters for choosing a mattress. It is really not easy to choose a suitable mattress. Therefore, you may need to choose a mattress that can satisfy different people at the same time.
Diglant natural latex mattress is such a composite mattress, this mattress has two sides, the material of the two sides is different, it can be used by people with different needs, it is suitable for young people, elderly, tall and short Mattresses for most groups of thin adults.
Diglant mattress structure
The padding on the front of the mattress is a comfortable layer of natural latex and polymer cold foam. The natural latex is comfortable to sleep, has strong resilience, and also has dense exhaust holes, which is very breathable. Polymer cold foam is a kind of functional cotton, which has the characteristics of heat insulation and high temperature resistance. The combination of the two materials results in a moderate hardness, a certain degree of support, and a good sleeping feel.
On the opposite side, the independent pocket springs are used as the comfort layer. The independent pocket springs have the advantages of obvious division and non-interference between the springs. The independent spring surface on the back side is slightly harder than the front side, and the overall hardness is moderate, suitable for most groups.
However, many people in China should not have heard of the Diglant brand. After all, it has just entered China, but it is one of the best in the Japanese mattress industry. It can be seen in many high-end hotels, and it also helps some other brands to do OEM. I heard that the Japanese Prime Minister ’s official residence used all of his products. The parent company is the Inoue Group of Japan and the world ’s top 500 companies. It is a company born of new material research. It has been developed since the rare cold foam at that time. The company has been deposited on this road for nearly a hundred years. They are very distinctive home brands in Japan.
If you are faced with what kind of mattress you should choose, or if you are afraid that you will regret it after buying it for three days, Diglant's environmentally friendly polymer foam natural latex mattress has a double sleepiness, which can meet the needs of most groups. When buying a mattress, buy something that is not suitable for you.