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Matresses and pillows is really recommended to be replaced regularly

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-07
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Matresses and pillows is really recommended to be replaced regularly

Intimate contact with pocket spring matresses and pillows is really recommended to be replaced regularly
Many people have so many old antiques in their homes. They may be pots and pans handed down from their grandfathers, they may be wardrobe cabinets of the same age as their fathers, or beds or bed linens older than you, and they have accumulated a lot of old ones. The taste of the age (dust mites and mold) ... thrift and thrift is a good tradition, but sometimes saving too much is not a good thing, at least it is bad for your health.
People spend a third of their lives sleeping. Therefore, partners such as pocket spring manufactures of mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and quilts that are in close contact with us every night, sincerely recommend that they be replaced regularly, but do not use them until they are old.
Old pillow
Statistics show that a pillow core that has not been changed in 3 years has more than 10,000 mites per gram of dust; a pillow core that has not been changed in 5 years will increase its weight by 20% compared to when it was first purchased. 20% of the weight is the body and feces of dust mites. Dust mites are a common allergen that can cause symptoms in allergic people, so it is still necessary to control the number and growth of dust mites, especially for families with allergic members or newborn babies.
In daily life, you can control the number and growth of dust mites by washing or exposing the pillow core (please strictly follow the pillow washing instructions). So the solution once and for all is to change regularly! !
Sleep experts recommend that the pillow be changed every six months or so. For the sake of health, change day and night to sleep next to the pillow or change it in time!
As one of people's closest partners, pocket spring king size mattresses can directly determine the quality of sleep at night. Many people think that it is important to sleep a good pocket spring king mattress sale, but it is not clear how many years a pocket spring king mattress can sleep. If there is no obvious damage to the pocket spring hotel mattress and there is not much problem with the appearance, the average person will basically not consider replacing the pocket spring hotel king size mattress.
The replacement cycle of the pocket spring good night mattress should be determined according to its own physical condition and the state of the pocket spring full size mattress itself. Generally speaking, the following points are the factors that need to be considered-
Obviously feel the depression of the pocket spring full mattress, the collapse of the spring net leads to poor pocket spring foshan mattress support, which not only affects the quality of sleep, but also easily causes back pain.
There are already a lot of stains on the pocket spring foam mattress. At this time, the pocket spring fire mattress is like a small "society" under the microscope. Mites, bacteria and fungi breed and are unhealthy.
The pocket spring fire mattress has been in use for more than 10 years. The accumulation of sweat, dander, mites and excrement has accumulated day and night, and has not been treated with special anti-mite treatments, or has never taken any cleaning and de-mite measures. 10 million mites accompany you to sleep.
If you have the above problems, for your health, I recommend replacing the pocket spring euro top mattress with a new one. In general, the pocket spring double mattress is best replaced every 5 to 8 years.
Quilt cover
Many people like to buy a lot of clothes, and are unwilling to buy more sets of bedding. After all, the bedding can only be placed in the bedroom to see for their own use. If it is not bad, it will not be changed. The clothes are worn out. But it is neglected. The bed linen is directly in contact with human skin during sleep. If it is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it is easy to breed. Mites, bacteria and fungi, etc., and it is more likely to become a hidden health hazard if you pay little attention.
Anything is easy to aging after a long time, and the same is true for bed sheets and quilt covers. And as the bedding article with the highest cleaning rate, functional aging is normal. When the fabric becomes thinner, easier to tear, yellower, dull colors, lower comfort, etc., at this time, you should replace the bedding.
The editor recommends that you change your wash every half a month or so in your daily life. If you have a bear at home, you can shorten it to once a week. As for whether to replace it with new ones, it depends on the mood.
Don't apply old pocket spring deep sleep mattresses, old pillows, and old sheets to the old world, these daily sleep products should be replaced as soon as possible. Sleep well, do n’t change money! Pay attention to the hygiene of pocket spring compress mattresses, pillows and bed sheets, keep the bed clean and tidy, so that you can sleep more comfortably at night.