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How to clean the pocket spring mattress?

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How to clean the pocket spring mattress?

How to clean the pocket spring mattress? Just do this and refuse to sleep with mites and viruses!
At least one-third of a person ’s life is spent in bed, and the quality of the bed affects the quality of our sleep, so the care and maintenance of the bed is very important, but most people usually only know to change the wash Bed sheets and quilts, but few people pay attention to the pocket spring mattress sale, think that the pocket spring mattress queen is difficult to clean and wash, so few people handle it. This is obviously wrong. If the pocket spring mattress price is not cleaned for a long time, it will not only breed bacteria, viruses, and dirt Not to mention, it also has a great impact on our sleep quality, so it is best to clean the pocket spring mattress pillow top every 3-5 months, but how to clean it? The editor takes everyone to take a look!
First prepare a vacuum cleaner.
The vacuum cleaner can suck up a lot of powder, which is choking if you sweep it by yourself.
Find a clean suction head and close to the pocket spring mattress on sale.
For example, tea and beverages are non-protein stains. Mix the hydrogen peroxide and detergent in a 2: 1 ratio, drip it up and brush it with a toothbrush. Wait another five minutes, then wipe it with a cold water towel.
Before and after cleaning.
It is best to pat the wet pocket spring mattress memory foam as soon as possible, or blow it dry with an electric fan and hair dryer.
If the pocket spring mattress manufacturers sleeps for a long time and smells, then just sprinkle a layer of baking soda, wait for 30 minutes, and finally use a vacuum cleaner to suck it all up.
If there are no stains, you can turn the pocket spring mattress malaysia up and down every one or two months to protect the spring elasticity.