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DIGLANT antibacterial mattresses, take care of the whole family's sleep health with love

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-02
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DIGLANT antibacterial mattresses, take care of the whole family's sleep health with love

DIGLANT antibacterial mattresses, take care of the whole family's sleep health with love
June is a month with the holiday atmosphere of love as the main axis. For DIGLANT antibacterial sponge foam mattress factoryes, a series of preferential activities were launched in the previous Nurses’ Day and Mother’s Day. For their own benefit, the event gained a good social response, providing everyone with high-quality products and surprise packages. Before and after 520 Valentine's Day, the brand created the product as a "wish gift" and sent a "health gift pack" when placing an order, which quickly attracted the attention of many consumers.
In the name of love, it is not only sweet, but customers can get a beautiful gift for free when they enter the store during the event.
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In addition, there are even new promotional prices for DIGLANT antibacterial soft memory foam double mattresses, the price is lower than you think. All the new antibacterial soft mattress memory foames adopt DuPont technology from the United States and the exclusive dual-core antibacterial and anti-mite technology from Sanitized in Switzerland. The antibacterial rate of DIGLANT new soft foam thin bed mattresses is 99.9999%, which is 100 times the national standard even after washing 40 Second, it can also ensure an antibacterial rate of 99.9%, and can effectively suppress mites, creating a clean and comfortable sleeping environment for users.
It is worth mentioning that the American DuPont technology, patented release control technology releases silver ions, can transfer low concentrations of silver ions to the fabric surface, form a special molecular film on the fabric, and activate silver ions when harmful bacteria are found. Make it play a sterilizing effect. At the same time, it can also remove various environmental odors (mildew, smoke, hot pot, etc.) and body odors (head oil, armpit odor, sweat odor, foot odor) to create a new environment for refreshing sleep. The Swiss anti-mite technology of Shanningtai can best suppress dust mites and their allergens, and protect soft foam single mattresses and bed sheets for a long time.
As a soft foam mattress enterprise, since its establishment, DIGLANT has always been committed to "committing to the healthy sleep of mankind", focusing on the design, development, production, and sales of high-quality furniture with soft double foam mattress as its core, and its products are exported to all over the world. Xilinmen is also the first domestic small mattress foam brand to propose the concept of protecting the spine. slow rebound foam mattress products have great strength in protecting the spine. The market has long enjoyed a good reputation. The new product of the diglant antibacterial sleepwell memory foam mattress launched this time has been recognized by consumers. And love, further narrowing the relationship between the brand and users.