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Achieve sleeping with dog Wang Wang

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-03
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Achieve sleeping with dog Wang Wang

Achieve sleeping with Wang Wang ~ Super fierce mattress "Bring your own pet bed" and Princess wind curtain ❤
Between pets and people, not only are there feelings, but also fate. Love cute pets, treat them well while gaining a lot! So let us look at today's cute!
For many people, dogs are like family members.
Staying with your dog after returning home from get off work is the happiest moment of the day.
But some owners are worried about letting Mao Mao go to bed at night,
They may be crushed when they are turned over, and there may be hygiene problems.
The owner can rest assured that he sleeps on the same bed with Mao Hai~
▼This bed is similar to an ordinary bed, but there is a small space on the side,
There are soft and comfortable cushions inside, the dog can sleep in at night.
▼The owner sleeps on the bed, and the dog sleeps in a small space dedicated to him, just like a bunk bed.
The owner and Mao Hai can still sleep in the same bed.
▼ There is a cute curtain at the door of the small suite belonging to the dog. Although it only serves as a decorative work, it looks cute.
Such a great design, Mao's parents must be very excited.
If you have this bed at home, the dog will be as close as possible to the owner,
At night, I will enter a sweet dream with my master~
The elves around us are very cute, and we must pay more attention to the mood of the elves while feeding, then this is the end of this issue, and we will see you next time!