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sleeping black technology king size pocket sprung mattress

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sleeping black technology king size pocket sprung mattress

Japanese athletes health regimen: osteopathy, eating nutritious meals, sleeping black technology king size pocket sprung mattress
Recently, the bones are on fire.
The trend of true bones is actually brought up by Japanese stars!
Satomi Ishihara, the Japanese spokesperson for orthopedics, performs systematic pelvic and spine osteopathic corrections once a month.
The predecessor of Japan's whole bones is actually judo... yes, it is the judo that fell.
The professional name of the osteopath is Judo Rehabilitation. In the Edo era, in order to help people suffering from judo, a treatment called "live method" was born, which mainly treats sprains, bruises, dislocations, and bone and joint diseases.
You can understand that in the previous life of osteopathy, it is for athletes to "recover after exercise".
Therefore, in addition to the stars and models who need to maintain a beautiful posture, there is also a large group of athletes in Japan.
They will find an orthopedist and a rehabilitation engineer to do physical, joint and bone recovery training after the game. The osteopaths even have customized special treatments for athletes.
In addition to osteopathy, athletes' daily health care also focuses on the two things of "eating" and "sleeping".
When traveling overseas, athletes do not adapt to the local diet, and they have a dedicated team to cook for them to ensure balanced nutrition and maintain muscle content.
If you can’t sleep on a habitual king size mattress sprung, the quality of your sleep is affected, so just carry a inflatable memory foam mattress yourself.
Figure skater Shino Asada, who has won the world championship three times, has detailed why he should bring his own hotel memory foam mattress:
"It was recommended to me by the coach. The intensity of skating exercises is very high, and the spin and jump will put a burden on the waist. Most of the beds are too soft for me, and I feel uncomfortable when I wake up."
So what kind of hotel bedroom mattress can "back up"?
Asada chose a new black technology material: air fiber.
It has nothing to do with ordinary springs, latex, memory cotton, and palms. It is a bionic silkworm cocoon structure, which is a whole high density mattress foam interwoven with countless transparent air fibers.
The Japanese team participated in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the 2016 Rio Olympics, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, all sleeping on hard foam mattresses made of this material.
What if the Chinese want to sleep with such new materials?
New Technology Waistguard New Material
The black technology sleep brand focuses on "Technology is very comfortable to sleep".
The pineapple zebra sleep laboratory was also established by the practicing physician Kawaguchi Saori. Dr. Kawaguchi has more than ten years of experience in the diagnosis of spine patients in China and Japan. According to the physiological structure of the human body, he chooses professional sleep materials and specifically creates sleep health products suitable for Asians. .
The sleep laboratory created a similar black technology material "air fiber", and also won the national invention patent (patent number: 0459807).
Air fiber waist music gel memory foam mattress is the all-round product that she recommends specifically for "people in need of waist support".
The most powerful thing about this foshan mattress is its 4D support. The 4D polymer bionic silkworm cocoon structure makes the foam mattress have super good resilience and does not collapse after a long sleep.
In the sleep laboratory, two bowling tracks were specially made with memory foam and air fiber to compare and test the rebound effect of bowling balls on different materials.
Bowling track experiment video
Obviously, the air fiber support is very good, and the bowling ball rotates smoothly on it.
Sleeping on it, the spine is steadily supported, as if relaxed as if suspended in the air, and will not collapse too much, turning over is very easy.
Memory foam material is difficult to turn over
Professional partition, hard core waist support
Good materials also need good design.
When a person lies on a foam king matress, the weight and pressure on each part of the body are different. The body pressure of the head, shoulders, waist, hips and legs is 10%, 35%, 50% and 5%, respectively.
If the best latex hybrid mattress is too hard or too soft, the shoulders and waist will immediately feel uncomfortable.
Based on this "body pressure distribution" principle, Japanese designers created three zones for the mattress.
The inner core of the pad is divided into three parts, which are specially designed according to the shoulder, waist and foot parts, and are more ergonomic.
As mentioned earlier, figure skaters usually need stronger support at the waist during sleep. Swimmers often feel sore shoulders.
This means that you can customize the softness and hardness of different parts of your body according to your habit of sleeping on your side or on your back. For example, put the double-hardened piece on the waist or shoulders that need strong support.
In the out-of-the-box evaluation on "What's Worth Buying", most people feel the most obvious after the trial: they can feel the waist is significantly relaxed, and the aches in the waist improve when they wake up in the morning.
If you sleep with two people, you can choose 40% off, with more hardness options, it will not affect each other.
Visible breathable
The 4D polymer bionic silkworm cocoon structure, with a lot of air in the middle, is breathable.
Breathable animation
It is not hot in summer and not stuffy in winter.
The mattress cover has two sides of A\B, A side is used in winter, soft and warm; B side is used in summer, super cool air layer, no mat is needed.
Especially suitable for the elderly, children, and people who sleep and sweat easily.
Clean and washable
The 4D air fiber core in the mattress uses the original technology raw materials imported from Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
The entire mattress is physically formed in water under a temperature difference of 200 degrees and 13 degrees, without a drop of glue, and it truly achieves 0 glue, 0 formaldehyde, and 0 heavy metals.
The mattress is removable, as long as you unzip it, you can see three complete cores, no glue, no black cotton.
When you need to move or store, you can fold it, and it is very convenient to carry and assemble.
The material has also passed SGS multiple tests. The mattress has food contact level certification. You don’t need to ventilate and smell when you buy it. You can sleep when you put it on the bed.
And because it is removable, the entire mattress cover + inner core can be rinsed in water. The upper and lower sides of the mattress cover can be split and can be put into the washing machine.
The inner core of the mattress can also be directly rinsed in water! Clean from the inside out.
Especially when there are children, the elderly, pets in the home who are prone to bedwetting, and when girls are not careful about their physiology, the cleaning of the vast mattress becomes very simple.
Almighty usage
Method 1: This air fiber mattress is directly stacked on the existing mattress, which can directly adjust the softness and hardness of the old bed, alleviate the problems of too soft and collapsed mattresses, and help you save money on a mattress .
Method 2: If you have a high box bed or a flat bed at home, the mattress can also be used on the bed alone, as a second-bed mattress, for the elderly or children who are suitable for sleeping on a hard mattress.
Method 3: It can also be placed directly on the floor of the living room or study room, on the tatami mat, or used as a play mat or crawling mat for children.
Method 4: "Cats" often grow on mattresses. Friends who sleep with pets can be washed anyway, not afraid that the master will wet the bed. It can also be used directly as a pet mat.
Whether you are dissatisfied with the old mattress or buying it for the first time, hurry up and experience the DIGLANT mattress!