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mattress in japan material strategy, collection do not get lost

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mattress in japan material strategy, collection do not get lost

mattress in japan material strategy, collection do not get lost
In modern society, working overtime is the norm for most people."996" and "007" of a variety of ridicule is also common.Vitamins, melatonin, thermos cups, and goji berries have become the norm for many people.
Quality relaxation and rest has become a luxury for urban youth, and sleep is arguably the only real rest.
It's really necessary to choose the right mattress in foshan for yourself.The following is xiaoxi spent several days to sort out the most complete material analysis!
6 springs, 16 materials
Choose not to be confused
According to convention, take care of small white of mattess choose and buy first, introduce mattess composition.
After all, the traditional mattress in china is all tightly packed, can not see the internal configuration, even if sleep will contact every day, can not understand its true face, unless unwrapped.
Yes, it's that simple in nature. (PS: Luxury mattress hotel bedes have more complex interior materials.)
The removable mattress home breaks the mystery and presents all the materials and interiors, with each material clearly visible.
Here we go!Here comes the point!
Take notes!Recommended collection!
mattress healthy sleep spring layer
In the mattress good night in the main support role.Different springs have different characteristics.At present, there are six kinds of spring for the mattress furniture, which are single line independent bag spring, three-line independent bag spring, 7.5 coil independent bag spring, mini independent bag spring, LFK open spring, and SEC button spring.
The respective characteristics of these six kinds of springs can fully meet the needs of all kinds of people.
Independent bag spring type, factory direct production.
Each of the 6 spring layers has its own characteristics. Customer service will recommend suitable ones to you according to the use requirements
mattress full filler
There are many kinds, but they are mainly divided into five categories
1. Sponges
Daily use of the most filling materials, a variety of soft and hard, cost-effective.
2. Brown/hemp
Natural sleeping material, very hard, suitable for people who like hard mattress for wholesale.
3, latex
Its characteristic q elastic soft glutinous, rebound is good, it is the feeling that sponge kind of material cannot reach, so be loved by a lot of people.Latex is divided into two foaming processes, "Trare" and "Dunlop", which are shown and explained in detail below.
Trare process latex video popularization
Dunlop technology latex video popularization
4. Mini bubble spring
The bodyguards of the filling boundary, composed of a mini independent bag spring, fit the human body curve, slightly soft.
5. 3D materials
3D material is a kind of resource saving and environmental protection material. It is a three-dimensional product made of dacron and double-sided mesh cloth.Characterized by very good air permeability, can be washed directly, suitable for children and people with a lot of sweat, tenacity, give the body enough support.
The habitat contains most of the fillers available on the market, and can be used to create a variety of different sleeping styles depending on your personal preference, softness and hardness.(3)
mattress for outdoor furniture fabric layer
1. The removable mattress is made of waffle fabric, which can be washed with water to keep stains away.
Remove system YKK zipper
The habitat mattress is modular and removable.The removable part is sewn with YKK zipper for durability.Belongs to the industry's top suppliers of materials.