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Can "break off with the hand" oneself measure formaldehyde mattress?Hold your horses. What do the experts say

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Can "break off with the hand" oneself measure formaldehyde mattress?Hold your horses. What do the experts say

Can "break off with the hand" oneself measure formaldehyde mattress?Hold your horses. What do the experts say

Recently, some netizens tested their own mattresses.

Found plenty of mattresses, especially palm ones,

There are cases of formaldehyde exceeding the standard,

The main source is the glue binder used in palm MATS.

Is it true or not?

And does the palm mat of such on market have much?The businessman is introduced, palm cushion hardness is higher relatively, suit old people and child to use, but palm cushion also divides a lot of kinds of types, be like hard palm, soft palm, environmental protection palm to wait a moment, the price and material are different also.

From people in the industry,

The technology of the mat went through four stages.

The early traditional hand-knitted palm mat is healthy and environmental friendly, but it is not smooth and has not been processed by high temperature, which is easy to breed bacteria.

Later, the adhesive pads used a lot of glue, formaldehyde easy to exceed the standard.

3E brown adopts fiber hot pressing process, which solves the formaldehyde problem from the root.

The latest 3D coconut palm has better resilience and air permeability, but costs more.

At present on market, more common palm mat is agglutinate palm mat and 3E palm mat, have businessman to admit, if oneself use, do not suggest buying agglutinate palm mat.

Reporters found that many mattresses do not have zippers, the appearance also wrapped plastic protective layer, consumers do not see the inner structure of the mat.Additional, mattress besides palm core part, exterior cloth also may produce formaldehyde, cannot pass palm core simply, judge whether formaldehyde exceeds bid.

The citizen expresses, hope manufacturer can give qualified mark when leaving the factory, can have very big help to consumer choice mattess so.

The price difference that the reporter sees palm cushion is big, the price arrives from 100 yuan thousands yuan have.Have a businessman to reveal, aggrandizement palm mat is more backward craft, advocate hit fair price market, consumer can undertake distinguishing simply through smelling smell.

Miss White of mattress businessman introduces, a lot of years ago all mattess is yellow palm, press go down more hard, tear open pack to have glue or palm flavour, flavour is thicker, but had reformed completely now.

Businesses suggest that the public should not be greedy for small bargains when buying palm MATS, and choose a trusted brand to ensure safety.,

There are three kinds of binder for the palm cushion

The quality engineer will teach you to identify

They say you can smell,

Preliminary discrimination.

We see people on the Internet saying,

You can also do it by using your hands.

To see if the palm mattress is glued or not.

Can't break open very likely is formaldehyde palm mat?

Easy to break is good?

How reliable are these methods?

Does adding glue mean there's formaldehyde?

The reporter went to consult the expert of Institute of Guangdong qualitative inspect.

Hu Pengfei, project engineer of Guangdong Product quality supervision and Inspection Research Institute, said that whether a brown fiber mattress is environmentally friendly or not depends on the binder it USES.The brown fiber mattress on the market at present, can use the binder of 3 kinds of different types.

One is to use natural latex as a binder, which is more environmentally friendly.

The 2nd kind is to use this kind of binder that contains formaldehyde, pass hot press, bond it, this kind feels feel can compare hard, formaldehyde wants to exceed bid possibly.

The third kind is more common on the market at present, using low melting point polyester fiber, from the end face can be seen that it has a lot of this kind of white flocculent, this kind is more environmental protection, generally meet the standard requirements.

So consumers in the purchase, the best choice has a zipper design, you can see the internal structure of the brown fiber mattress.Hu Pengfei says, look from the detection data in recent years, the brown fiber mattess that regular manufacturer produces comes out, the qualified rate of formaldehyde concentration is quite tall still.

Now on market all sorts of household formaldehyde detect dipstick and instrument are multifarious, does family detect rely on a spectrum again?

Open online shopping platform, formaldehyde self-test products from a few yuan to a few hundred pieces.Reporter saw, with color card to determine the formaldehyde content of the air inspection box, and handheld detector, popular monthly sales of tens of thousands of, and all claim to be able to detect the formaldehyde content of palm mattress alone.

The accuracy and stability of household formaldehyde detection products are not strong, and the formaldehyde concentration value of a single product cannot be accurately measured.

First, the price of this rapid detector on the market is quite different, and the quality is uneven.The second is the process of this test. Affected by the temperature and humidity of this environment, the test results can only represent the concentration of formaldehyde in this room, not the specific products.

If the public have a need, or please have a qualified professional organizations to visit the inspection or send samples to the professional organizations to test.

Don't cut the mattress just yet

Good "dealdehydes" is the key

Although taught how to avoid to choose formaldehyde mattress, speak to formaldehyde such thing nevertheless, besides mattress, our household especially newly decorate, more or less can have.What kind of correlation do formaldehyde and leukaemia have after all?Listen to the doctor of the 3 a hospital answer for you.

Formaldehyde, also known as ant aldehyde, is a colorless irritant gas.In 2017, formaldehyde was added to the category 1 carcinogen list published by the Who's International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Formaldehyde affects a number of systems in our bodies, including the respiratory, digestive, endocrine, nervous and blood systems.

And in haemal system, leukaemia is the most common serious haemal disease, say so can you cause leukaemia surely after inhaling excessive formaldehyde? Doctors say there is no necessary link.

Actually we say that the cause of leukemia is including two aspects of external and internal factors, external factors and some physical and chemical factors, chemical factors will include some poisonous chemicals, formaldehyde is one of them, but the formaldehyde is bound to cause leukemia, there is no evidence to show that formaldehyde is bound to cause leukemia.