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Types of mattress

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Types of mattress

Types of mattress

1, palm mattress: palm mattress is more common, its texture is harder, but also cheaper, it is made of the fiber of palm, suitable for laying on the flat pad, more suitable for people with poor lumbar spine.Buy palmetto mattess should choose quality is good, some a dozen dust is very much, show disinfection is bad, easy give birth to insect.

2. Spring mattress: the spring 10 inch gel memory foam mattress is organized by several springs;Its advantages are good elasticity, very breathable, durable;The spring foam mattress india design is very much now, some surface is palm, have a plenty of latex, avoided pure spring mattress defect, but soft but hard.If the spring mattress spring is broken, loose, it will be too soft, lumbar bad people had better not sleep.

3, latex mattress: latex mattress is more high-grade, it has synthetic latex, natural latex, their sources are different, synthetic latex from petroleum refined from natural latex from rubber trees.Latex mattresses are more expensive, and natural latex mattresses are more expensive.

4. Modern brown mattress: when choosing a mattress, you will see a very hard, flat brown mattress, which is made of coconut brown, palm brown and glue.Brown is tough, but not strong enough. Coconut is the opposite, harder than brown.

5, sponge mattress: sponge mattress is made of sponge, it has light, breathable characteristics, in the sponge mattress has a thick thin;If it is too thick, it is not conducive to protecting the lumbar spine, sponge mattress is more suitable for student dormitory.Sponge mattress pad after a period of time the best turn over, so can volatilize the moisture in the sponge.

After the introduction of this article, we have learned about a new life on physical therapy mattress, this kind of mattress is special ones, it is to ensure that consumers get healthy and comfortable sleep, use a between human body and the bed, in the above body can fully relax, especially suitable for summer use, in the same way, we also know what's the kinds of the mattress.