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Simmons, brown pads, latex pads, all kinds of wholesale mattress prices maintenance points know all at once

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Simmons, brown pads, latex pads, all kinds of wholesale mattress prices maintenance points know all at once

Simmons, brown pads, latex pads, all kinds of wholesale mattress prices maintenance points know all at once
Mattresses are a must-have household item for every family.
Abroad, the frequency of mattress replacement is 5 years on average. However, in the habits of Chinese people, the frequency of mattress replacement is much lower. It is very common to use a 10 memory foam mattress queen for eight or ten years, and it is not uncommon to use it for twenty or half a lifetime.
Since it is a mattress that has been used for such a long time, how should it be maintained on a daily basis?
Today's post will solve this problem:
Simmons (spring mattress)
More than 100 years ago, an American businessman invented the world's first spring 6 inch foam mattress, which is called "Simmons".
Simmons is a family name and a high-end mattress brand. Because of its influence in the mattress industry, many people later referred to all spring thin mattress pades as "simmons".
The core of a spring mattress lies in the material and function of its internal spring, which determines the core value of a spring mattress.
At present, many spring mattresses often emphasize the functionality of the fabric in order to advertise high-end, or claim to add latex filling, which is not significant.
The maintenance of spring 5 inch foam mattresses should pay attention to the following three points:
First, the new mattress you bought will have to remove all the adhesive tape wrapped on the outer layer. The adhesive tape will affect the 5 star hotel mattress's ventilation, and it will not affect your body well.
If you are worried about the mattress getting dirty, you can add a mattress cover, which can be bought everywhere, and the price is very accessible.
Second, spring mattresses are divided into two types: net springs and single-bag springs.
The whole net spring, as the name suggests, is supported by the whole spring net, which makes it hard to sleep.
The single-bag spring refers to a plurality of independent spring bags, which are slightly softer. The single-bag spring also has an advantage: because each spring is individually stressed, it will not cause a partner to turn over when it turns over. influences.
Regardless of the type of spring bed, the newly purchased plush pillow top mattress is recommended to be flipped every three months, front and back, front and back, so that every corner of the mattress has a chance to be stressed. This is the most effective for spring beds. Maintenance.
After one year, the frequency can be reduced, and once a year is enough.
Third, spring mattresses, if the surface is dirty, must not be washed with water. Water infiltration will wet the spring, resulting in rust and greatly shortening the service life of the euro foam mattress.
A spring mattress with a high quality and proper maintenance, which has been used for 5-10 years, is basically no problem.
There are quite a few brown mats on the market, all woven from coconut palm. Coconut palm fiber is thin and short, and the price is much cheaper than mountain palm.
Although brown is a natural material, a large amount of glue is used in the production of brown pads, which can easily cause various pollutants such as formaldehyde to exceed standards.
At the same time, brown pads also need to undergo strict deworming and sterilization processes to ensure health.
Therefore, when purchasing brown pads, you must identify them carefully, and don't be greedy for cheap because of small mistakes.
The maintenance of brown pads also has three points:
First, like spring mattresses, the plastic packaging outside the new tight top mattresses must be removed. Otherwise, the biggest advantage of the brown pad: breathability, there is no use for it.
Secondly, the brown mat is hard to sleep, but it does not mean that it can be placed directly on the shelf.
There must be a flat surface support under the brown pad, such as wooden boards or other mattresses. Otherwise, the force will be uneven and the brown pad will deform after a period of use.
Finally, brown pads should be protected from moisture, wet and easy to mold, breeding germs, especially in southern cities.
Latex mattress
Latex pads are a popular mattress material in recent years. Comfortable sleep, anti-mite antibacterial, good ventilation performance, are its advantages.
Latex products on the market are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. The price gap between the two is very large.
The advantages of latex mentioned earlier mainly refer to natural latex, which is also the focus of this discussion.
Natural latex, which collects sap from oak trees, and uses modern equipment and technology: moulding, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, washing, drying, and final shaping.
Natural latex materials are precious and the technology is complicated. Therefore, latex mattresses are inherently expensive and belong to high-end bedding.
Due to the popularity of latex materials, there are various good and bad prices on the market, including adulteration and fraud.
However, as long as we understand its production principles, we can naturally identify which are false propaganda and which are real, high-quality latex mattresses.
Natural latex mattresses inevitably produce a large number of natural holes during the molding process. It looks like a piece of tofu is flat with synthetic latex.
There is no claim that 100% latex products exist in natural latex. For any natural latex product, the proportion of latex content cannot be more than half, otherwise it is difficult to form.
The one-piece natural latex mattress has a height of up to 5CM. Above this thickness, it must be multi-layer bonded.
For the maintenance of latex mattresses, there are three points to pay attention to:
First, natural latex products, including mattresses or pillows, have a service life of up to 5 years.
Latex will oxidize and yellow when used for a long time. This is normal.
Over five years, latex functionality (such as antibacterial, rebound, etc.) will gradually be lost, which is why it is "more expensive" than other mattresses.
Second, latex mattresses are relatively soft. Therefore, like brown mats, there must be a flat support underneath, which is suitable for use with other mattresses.
Finally, latex mattresses are easier to move and wash than other mattresses. However, do not expose them to the sun. Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging and dusting of natural latex. Just air dry.
In the current mattress market, single-effect mattresses are relatively rare. In order to meet the needs of consumers, most mattresses are combined sets: such as spring mattress with brown surface or latex layer, brown pad with latex, etc.
Everyone can choose the one that suits them best according to their needs.
I personally recommend that you buy mattresses as much as you can, after all, the importance of sleep to everyone need not be said.
A good night's sleep is a good life!