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This type of most comfortable spring mattress in the bedroom

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This type of most comfortable spring mattress in the bedroom

This type of most comfortable spring mattress in the bedroom is a breeding ground for leukemia! Take care of your child's health as soon as possible
There are always many things that hurt our body in life, and we usually do n’t pay much attention to these things. We always think that there is nothing. The following is formaldehyde. Everyone almost thinks that it will only be in the room when it is decorated. The appearance of these toxic substances is believed to be only for decoration materials. In fact, in our daily life, there is a great possibility that this is a toxic substance.
Formaldehyde at home
Formaldehyde is relatively harmful to people, especially the children at home. It is the most harmful to children at home. For a long time, children will live in an environment with formaldehyde, and children will easily develop leukemia. In fact, the modern hotel bed pocket coil spring mattress in our bedroom is the best breeding ground for leukemia, so we need to deal with it as soon as possible for the health of the children at home.
mini pocket spring pocket spring mattress
In addition to the formaldehyde that everyone knows, many furniture now also contain a lot of formaldehyde. When we buy furniture, we usually have to look carefully and choose carefully. The following is mainly to say that we often come into contact with the bedroom in the home. Many families also buy a lot of formaldehyde, that is, mini pocket spring mattresses.
memory pocket spring mattress
When we buy memory foam vs spring mattresses, many people, in order to save money, listen to the words of the shopping guide, choose the more affordable San Wu products, and then there are non-brand memory foam spring mattress pocketes made by small factories, many of which are sub-goods. The inside of the memory foam spring mattress contains a lot of inferior sponges with formaldehyde. We can imagine that we or our family lie on the poisonous gas to sleep, which is very harmful to our health, and it is very likely to go on for a long time. Causes the occurrence of leukemia. So when we choose, we must buy regular products. If you have one at home, dispose of it quickly.
Then there is the new memory foam pocket spring mattress we bought. Many people do n’t remove the protective film from it, they sleep directly on it. This happens most often in families with children. After all, children are still small and often appear. The habit of wetting the bed, so some parents simply do not remove the membrane in order to prevent the memory foam pocket coil spring mattress from being wet by the child.
memory foam mattress with spring protection film
But you know what! The protective film is a plastic film produced by industrial gelatin. It contains a large amount of formaldehyde. The child lies on it. With our sheets, there is no way to isolate formaldehyde. The child's small resistance is very poor, and it is very prone to leukemia. Such a bed The pad is a hotbed for leukemia, so for the child's health, quickly dispose of such things.