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How to use a newly purchased pocket economic spring mattress?

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-02
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How to use a newly purchased pocket economic spring mattress?

How to use a newly purchased pocket economic spring mattress? DIGLNAT pocket coil mattress box spring
The new family bought a new pocket coil euro spring mattress. The pocket coil box spring mattress has a protective film on it. Some people tear it off for use. Others are unwilling to tear it off. They are worried that dust will affect the cleanliness of the pocket coil box spring mattress. For this reason, Xiaobian believes that the protective film of the pocket box spring bed mattress needs to be removed, otherwise the pocket  box spring mattress is not breathable and easily wet, which affects the normal use of the pillow top spring mattress pocket and may also become a source of pillow top pocket spring mattress pollution. However, there are relatively few people who tear off this film in life. Many people keep the film to keep the pillow top mattress with pocket spring clean, but the damage of formaldehyde to our body is slowly accumulated, so Everyone will recognize that films do not harm people.
Problems with pillow top mattress spring pollution sources
There is also a reminder to everyone: sponge foam will use a lot of foaming agent when making it, which will also cause the formaldehyde to exceed the standard. If you choose a pillow top latex spring mattress that is a sponge pillow top cheap spring mattress, but also do not put The plastic film is torn off for a long time, and the formaldehyde released by them will cause the formaldehyde in the home to be too high, which will cause serious harm to the body.
Therefore, we recommend that you try to choose genuine pillow spring mattresses or some composite pillow top pocket spring mattress for salees. Although some perfect sleeping spring mattresses will be used to fill them, the amount is not large, but for health reasons, you must choose some suitable methods. Let's deal with formaldehyde. The following are some of the commonly used methods for aldehyde removal.
Ventilation is a more practical method. If the conditions in the home allow frequent ventilation, the harmful substances will not accumulate in the room and will not affect the body. Everyone should also pay attention that because formaldehyde has a long release period, it is also necessary to insist on ventilation. If it is only a few days before the check-in, it is impossible to ensure the safety of the room.
Many people know that plants can purify the air, and some plants can still treat formaldehyde, like Chlorophytum and Aloe, so everyone can put a few pots in the room, not only can Help you get rid of some formaldehyde, and it can also play an ornamental role.
The effect of using a purifier to treat formaldehyde is also better, but you should also pay attention to the following when choosing a purifier, because the saturation problem will also occur in other plans, so the filter element must be replaced frequently.
The above is the role of the orthopedic spring bed mattress protection film and how to clean up the source of pollution when buying a new no spring mattress. I hope it can help everyone use the new spring orthopedic spring bed mattress correctly, make sleep more comfortable, and have a longer service life.