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This mattress and blanket, with close-fitting wool and hygroscopic fiber, is not afraid of winter night!

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This mattress and blanket, with close-fitting wool and hygroscopic fiber, is not afraid of winter night!

This mattress and blanket, with close-fitting wool and hygroscopic fiber, is not afraid of winter night!
When did you realize that it was getting cold?
I answer first: I am from midnight frost to wake up of begin!!
I woke up suddenly when I fell asleep at night. I was shivering while hugging the cold leg and losing sleep.
Or after getting into bed, how the quilt is not hot...It was hopeless.
Don't worry, take a look at the hygroscopic thermal mattress + blanket we brought today.
Hygroscopic temperature-lock fiber
It is a special 3 - layer hygroscopic lock fiber.
The hygroscopic heating layer is complex.
The tiny hairs on the surface absorb water molecules that evaporate from the body's surface.
The middle layer contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can quickly capture nearby dynamic water molecules and adsorb them. In this process, gas and liquid are transformed and energy is actively released.
And finally, the inner layer, the thermal layer, locks in the heat and keeps you warmer and warmer.
That's why coquetry can make you sleep even hotter!
If the mattress + blanket together, the dampness accumulated in the quilt should be swept away, dry and comfortable, so that you do not want to get up until dawn ~
Intelligent temperature control to prevent cold and keep warm
In addition to allowing you to sleep soundly, the hygroscopic and thermophilic fibers have a special cage-like structure.The internal temperature of the fabric can be adjusted according to external changes.
The external temperature is high, the distance between the fibers is enlarged, heat is absorbed, and energy is stored.When the external temperature becomes low, the space is narrowed and energy is released, and the internal temperature of the textile is reduced relatively.
The temperature will drop at night and you won't catch a cold. The temperature will rise in the morning and you won't catch a cold in the quilt.
Add anti - bacterial anti - mite fiber
Machine washable
Hygroscopic heating mattresses and blankets have added a new anti-bacterial and anti-mite black technology imported from Japan this year: Emperor human fiber.
Using dense fibers helps to keep bacteria and mites from entering their hotbeds -- the fluffy insulation inside.
Have certificate to eliminate mite and inhibit bacterium, see!
In addition to its own antibacterial and anti-mite characteristics, Qiaozhu hot blanket, hot mattress can be directly machine washed!
The details are in place
The mattress is intimate at the bottom with anti-skid bumps.
Can't move easily ~
Straps have been added to the four corners to secure you to the bed.
Warm and firm mattress, let you feel free to roll ~
Exquisite quilting design also increases the taste of the mattress texture, there are two sides of the fine even down, lying on the bed very comfortable ~
There's more than one color for mattresses and blankets. Camel and smoke gray are available.