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Do you know the life span of a mattress

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Do you know the life span of a mattress

Do you know the life span of a mattress
Recently, in a one-month online survey, 47.2% of netizens said their mattresses have "almost never been changed" and "they don't remember how many years they have used them", except for the data of "buyers within one year".While 36.7 percent are sure they have changed their mattress once in 10 years.While 14.1 percent last changed their mattress five years ago;One percent said they bought their mattress within three years.
One third of life is spent in sleep.Having a bed that suits you and a good quality of sleep is a sure-fire way to have a happy life.
In Japan, there is a "ten thousand years of bed", that is, after the floor bedding sleep, for the convenience of the next bed never stacked up.Have you ever wanted to find the right mattress for yourself and stick with it for the rest of your life?
But a regular mattress is not a lifetime thing!It also has a life of its own.Ordinary mattresses are expendable and need to be replaced regularly.
How to judge your mattress
"Dying out"
1. Whether there is depression in the central part of the mattress.
When the mattress is dented in the middle or creaks when it is rolled over, it is essentially damaged internally, unable to support the body properly and to help the body stay in its natural "S" position.
2, after getting up early, whether you feel back pain and other discomfort.
When you wake up tired and sore from a thoroughly relaxed night, it's time to take a good look at your mattress after removing the cause of your bad sleeping position.
3. Do you frequently wake up in the middle of the night after falling asleep?And is there any skin disturbance?
When the mattress deformation, no longer fit the body, it is easy to reduce the comfort of sleep, leading to frequent turn over at night, wake up many times.Mattresses are more prone to mite infestation if used for a long time.Mattresses that have not been sterilized and anti-mite are prone to itching, acne and other skin problems.
If any of the above three points are true, your mattress is almost ready to retire.
Mattess should choose muti_function health mattress
Choosing a mattress is more important than choosing a partner.Inappropriate partners, you can be husband and wife during the day, become neighbors at night, while inappropriate mattresses, you have to sleep it for 8 hours a day, will directly damage your health.
Ordinary mattess, it is to provide merely bear the function that support sleep, do not have too much additional benefit to health.
Like the smart TV now, not only can see cable, wireless, network video, but also can make video calls, network conference, play games, online shopping and other functions, mattresses have already stepped into the era of multifunction.Warm magnetic mattress, not only can be comfortable sleep, but also can provide magnetic therapy, far infrared, anion, finger massage and other functions, more rare is, can be self-cleaning effect.After common mattess USES time long, because the juice of human body, bring about mattess interior to become the paradise of microorganism, interior filler sends yellow rusty, miserable to see.And magnetic warm square mattess, can turn on power switch, adjust the temperature to the highest, use far infrared heating function, the temperature can be up to 65 degrees, ten minutes can be the microorganism inside the mattess because of lack of water and lose activity, dry the interior of the mattess at the same time, reduce the chance of breeding microorganism.