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This cost-effective buy king mattress is very kind with affordable materials

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This cost-effective buy king mattress is very kind with affordable materials

This cost-effective buy king mattress is very kind with affordable materials
The furniture manufacturing base, measured from multiple angles of price, craftsmanship, materials, etc., rejects high premiums and provides consumers with more cost-effective furniture products.
price advantage
The price of best price buy hotel quality mattresseses fluctuates greatly. In the hands of different distribution channels, the price of a best price natural latex buy hotel mattress can often reach several times the ex-factory price.
Quality control
The cover can be dismantled to visually display the internal materials and process practices of the best quality bed buy full mattress, and select the best quality latex buy firm mattresses that are shipped at a real price, so that users can understand the product more deeply.
At the price of 1,500 yuan, this best quality buy double bed mattress is really made of materials, which can fully reach the level of more than 2,000 yuan. Its support and comfort are at a moderate level, and most people can get used to it.
Latex is used in more than half of the best queen buy discount mattresses on the market, but many of the same price, and even more expensive "latex" spring best rated buy cheap mattress onlinees will only use about 1cm latex to make a concept. This best rest buy cheap mattress uses 2cm, which is enough to improve sleep. sense.
This best selling roll pack buy bed mattress has moderate hardness, unlike hard best selling buy bed and mattresses such as brown best value latex breathable mattresses, which can sleep comfortably without best western hotel brands of latex mattresseseses.
product details
The best western brand new twin mattress is simple in style, with a moderate height of 22cm, as long as the bed frame at home is not too high, it is very suitable
Checkered quilting, knitted fabric, simple appearance
The zipper in the side can remove the fabric
Product disassembly
Disassembly process
Fabric layer
Sponge quilted layer, comfortable to touch
Taken apart, the fabric is made of knitted fabric, two 1cm thick sponges, a layer of doll cotton, and a layer of non-woven fabric. This method is called quilting. The filling material makes the fabric feel better, and Create a concave and convex pattern. The thickness of the entire fabric layer is not too large, which is consistent with the moderate hardness of the best western brand new king size mattress brand.
Fabric layering
The fabric layer provides comfort and also shapes the uneven texture of the surface
Removable design for easy cleaning
This best western plus box top mattress fabric can be opened, and it is more convenient to wash and dry. For families with babies, the utilization rate of this function will be higher.
Removable fabric
2cm latex, optimized sleep
The padding material of this best western plus box hotel bed and mattress brand is 2cm latex, which is fixed under the mesh. After pulling away the removable fabric layer, you can visually see the latex under the mesh.
Latex under the mesh
Disassemble the mesh cloth and measure the thickness of the latex to 2 cm. Many better sleep box bed mattresses of the same price have a very small thickness of latex, which is just a concept, and the effect of adjusting the sleeping feeling is very limited. On the big bouncing mattress we tested, 2cm latex is not thinner than the quilted fabric, which can significantly change the sleeping feeling.
Latex thickness 2cm
Open the edge, the inside corner can protect the chamfer, but the material is not elegant, it is a piece of cut material. 3
Spring layer
This bonded foam bonnell coil mattress uses independent pocket springs. Since each spring is independent of each other, it has good anti-interference performance. The spring is wrapped by a layer of cotton felt, which separates and protects the upper filling material. The cotton felt is fixed with a buckle, no glue is used.
Independent pocket spring
Moderate hardness
The spring provides support. The thicker the wire diameter, the greater the hardness. This mattress has a total of 713 springs and a wire diameter of about 2.0mm. The hardness is moderate.
The spring wire diameter is about 2mm, the hardness is medium
M-shaped steel frame, the edge sits better
The M-shaped steel frame at the side of the wall is another detail. It provides support for the edge of the mattress, and it will not sink too much when sitting down, so that it will slip. In the online research, we found that some mattresses omit this structure in order to save costs.
Reinforced edges to ensure no slippage
Low glue process, physical fixation
There is no glue between the layers of the mattress, and some places that must be fixed, such as cotton felt, are also physically fixed. Only the pocket springs are slightly glued. During disassembly, no obvious odor was smelled on this mattress.
The cotton felt is fixed with a buckle
The spring is slightly glued, but the area is not large
product testing
Hardness and interference
Among the three mattresses evaluated, this one has the highest hardness, but due to the use of 2cm latex filler, it also has a moderate sleep feeling.
Standing on both feet, the mattress is only about 9 cm
The independent pocket spring has good anti-interference, and it is not easy to affect the person sleeping next to you when you turn over and get up. In the test, the evaluator jumped 1 meter away from the glass, and it was difficult to shake the glass with vigorous exercise.
User experience
Test sleeper LL, trial time 30 minutes, weight 60kg:
"I used to sleep with an ordinary spring mattress and a brown mattress. Both of them are relatively hard. You need a layer of mattress to sleep comfortably. This mattress has higher hardness than the three mattresses tested, but it is comfortable. It’s also good enough, with some softness. It’s suitable for people who worry that the mattress is too soft and will have backache.”
Tester NHX, trial time 30 minutes, weight 65kg:
"I have slept on the three mattresses evaluated. This mattress is more attractive in price, not so soft, and not soft. Its support is more obvious. On the whole, the sleep is more balanced and the hardness is more appropriate. ."