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No matter how expensive your skin care products are, a better mattress

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-24
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No matter how expensive your skin care products are, a better mattress

No matter how expensive your skin care products are, a better mattress
Some people wear the most expensive masks and luxurious cosmetics, but their faces are still wrinkled and their faces haggard, because they are used to staying up late and have low sleep quality.
Some people go to bed early and get up early, have good work and rest rules, the whole person exudes vitality and youth, the skin of the cheeks seems to glow, because they understand the importance of sleep.
If you don’t sleep well, will you really get old and ugly?
According to the report of the Natural Sleep Research Institute, it was found that within one week, two hours of sleep per day would have a serious impact on appearance.
Among the women who participated in the survey, the number of fine lines and wrinkles increased by 45%, and the growth of spots increased by 13%. People's eyes become red and puffy, their skin becomes sagging, and more wrinkles grow.
 When we lack sleep, our body will feel stressed and release cortisol. Cortisol surge will inhibit collagen synthesis, destroy skin cells and accelerate skin aging.
But if you sleep well, your body will secrete skin-friendly growth hormone, making the skin smooth and elastic.
Therefore, if you do not sleep well, you will really get old and ugly.
Sleep is a simple and effective beauty method
Nighttime is the golden period for skin cells to repair themselves. Ensuring adequate sleep every day can provide time for skin repair and buffering, giving you a good skin condition and mental appearance.
Remember, if you don’t sleep well, thousands of skin care products can’t stop you from getting old and ugly! Low-quality sleep will not only make people grow old and ugly, but even cause some physical diseases.
A good mattress is more important than expensive care products
When it comes to sleeping, many people may have countless overtime, endless entertainment, inertial insomnia, and it seems that sleep is only related to external factors. Although we usually sleep less for various reasons, we cannot Sleeping less has reduced our sleep quality.
A suitable mattress is a necessary factor for improving sleep quality. A good mattress can bring you a quality sleep experience in a short time.
The right mattress is more important than expensive care products!
Mattress, natural safety is very important
As an advocate of ecological sleep, DIGLANT mattresses have always adhered to the concept of "natural, healthy, safe, environmentally friendly and low-carbon". In the original intention of providing consumers with natural and comfortable sleep, each bed is carefully made with natural brown silk The pad allows consumers who choose DIGLANT to sleep peacefully and healthy.
Mattresses are important for your body
DIGLANT human sleep research, in close cooperation with many domestic universities and scientific research institutions, the use of international advanced plant fiber molding technology in mattress production, the company's original "three-stage" sleep theory is perfectly integrated into the product , So that the natural mattress has a good mute effect, breathability and suitable softness and hardness.
At the same time, the design of the nature mattress complies with the principle of human bone stress and the principle of human skin breathing, which makes the nature mattress perfectly support the human bones, ensuring smooth blood circulation and promoting free skin breathing.
DIGLANT can help you become beautiful and provide a resting place at night, allowing you to sleep comfortably and happily on a mattress that is suitable for your softness and hardness, and sleep a beauty every day~
Let us refuse to become ugly, avoid staying up late, adjust the regularity of work and rest, and be a beautiful fairy~