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The plastic film of new mattress

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The plastic film of new mattress

The plastic film of new mattress is torn do not tear do not want the child to get leukaemia, have a very important point

Many people like to buy a 30 x 75 mattress on their new bed to make it more comfortable, soft or hard, and having a mattress under 200 is great.Can you buy a new bed mattress and box spring and use it directly?

I don't know if you have observed, just bought a new mattress under 100 is a layer of plastic film, can prevent the 800 mattress dirty, with it, even if the 60 x 75 mattress used for how many years is new.Many people wear plastic sheeting directly with them, even the older generation who say nothing has happened for years.

But actually, this plastic film is the most dangerous existence.It exists only to keep the xl mattress from getting dirty during handling.This kind of plastic film is very cheap, is made with a lot of cheap plastic glue and become, extremely airtight, the time is long easy to cause the hard bed mattress inside damp hair rust.The most dangerous is that it contains a lot of formaldehyde, people in bed to rest, sleep when the body temperature rises, the overall temperature of the bed will also rise.

Formaldehyde volatilizes in high temperature, the formaldehyde in plastic film can be released at this time, poison people's body, make the human body immunity decline, frequent cold fever, and the body function does not grow good children are more likely to get leukemia.Accordingly, do not want the child to go up leukaemia, bought new mattess to want above above film to tear above all.

In addition, do not want children to be poisoned by formaldehyde in daily life, can also be like this to remove formaldehyde:

(1) lotine stone

It is a kind of black and white particles configured according to the scientific formula, which contains a variety of decomposition materials such as Aureco purification factor and photocatalyst, which can effectively absorb formaldehyde and decompose into harmless substances such as water vapor.The most important thing is that it will not be saturated, will not rebound, more will not appear re-pollution, can effectively remove formaldehyde, aging in more than 3 years.

(2) airtight ventilation

Formaldehyde will be volatilized when the temperature is high, so the doors and Windows in the room can be closed when the temperature is high today, allowing the formaldehyde to fully release.Wait a few days, then open the doors and Windows again, let the formaldehyde out.Need to pay attention to is this period of home do not live, need to find good accommodation in advance, more trouble.

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(3) to cultivate green plants

A bit of greenery is raised in the home can decorate a room already, the action that can rise to purify air again, some plant can rise to decompose formaldehyde to wait for instance kelp.They suck formaldehyde into the body through photosynthesis and break it down, but because the plants have limited decomposition capacity, they need to be used in conjunction with other aldehyde removal methods.