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Tatami mattress

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Tatami mattress

Tatami mattress  general more thick tatami mattess custom price

One, how thick is the tatami mattress near me for sale in general

How thick is the tatami mattress?Tatami mattess does not have fixed thickness, it is to decide according to the design that USES commonly, different type thickness is different.

The thickness of the pure brown tatami yellow mattress is between 6cm to 10cm, the thickness of the pure spring floor bed mattress should not be less than 20cm(the spring bed mattress dimensions is too thin, indicating that the number of springs is not enough spring), the thickness of the latex spring buy matress is recommended to choose 23cm, plus two independent spring mattress without foam is recommended to choose the thickness of 28cm.

The thickness of tatami is (55, 50, 45, 40, 35)mm, from the comfort and practical point of view, tatami mattress without bed is commonly used 50mm, 35mm.Specific dimension can be chosen according to the different demand of consumer oneself, have extremely strong optional space.

Two, tatami mattess custom price

Tatami mattess bespoke price should be decided according to the material that USES and area, bespoke price of general common tatami mattess is in 800 yuan or so.Tatami mattress in a box near mees are suitable for bedrooms and infrequently used rooms.Better quality and waterproof, suitable for children or saunas, tea houses and rooms with high frequency of use.The design of tatami has traditional element already face, still have a lot of all sorts of design that has contemporary breath.Weaving techniques are plain, twill, grid, jacquard, etc.

Tatami bed is divided into two kinds, one kind is a regular rectangle and two kinds of non-standard rectangle, the width of the regular rectangle is 2:1, the size of corresponding tatami bed is 180 cm by 900 cm, usually adopts the specifications of the 55 mm thick, however, if other size with relatively less is to use the width of the non-standard rectangle, depending on the actual situation design thickness.