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Sleep also not sureness, the preexistence life of formaldehyde mattress

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Sleep also not sureness, the preexistence life of formaldehyde mattress

Sleep also not sureness, the preexistence life of formaldehyde mattress

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Is it true that the recent circle of friends has been overridden by formaldehyde in # brown mattress?

The story that caused a 6-year-old to get leukemia, Max out?

On a short video platform,

Many netizens are checking their mattresses.

Net passes mattess, cause leukaemia

It all started a few days ago when it was widely reported that a six-year-old child had developed leukaemia after sleeping on a mat glued together.

A person has more than 6 hours every day is spent on the bed, mattress is the furniture with the most close relationship with people, the respiratory tract that is closest to people and skin, if appear pollution problem, the harm to human body health is much bigger than other adornment to decorate material and furniture. And, the formaldehyde pollution problem of matress does not have method to undertake closing, wait unlike the drawer of wooden furniture, cupboard door, can close formaldehyde, can reduce or reduce formaldehyde to release a quantity. The surface of the mattress is textile material, and the interior is uncontrollable material, so it cannot be closed.

In fact, palm mattress exposure is not the first formaldehyde problem. As early as a few years ago, CCTV reported a palm mat spot check, a quarter of the product formaldehyde seriously exceeded the standard, released more than four times the standard amount.

According to media reports, the national, provincial and municipal market supervision administration and consumer Council issued spot checks on mattress products from 2012 to 2020. The results showed that the regulatory authorities sampled 2,499 batches of mattresses during this period, among which 309 were unqualified, with a rejection rate of 12.4%, including two kinds of spring soft mattresses and brown fiber elastic mattresses. On the indicators, formaldehyde emission, material physical properties, product marks, false publicity is particularly outstanding problems.

Harm of formaldehyde mattress

Mattress is the furniture that the person USES for a long time, be close to our respiratory system and skin, the harm to human body health is more direct than other furniture.

Formaldehyde has strong carcinogenic effect, the mattress with excessive formaldehyde content will gradually release free formaldehyde in the process of use, and enter the human body through respiration or skin. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde can lead to respiratory irritation, edema and other symptoms, nerve, respiratory, hematopoietic system and other damage, resulting in poisoning or even death. The national standard has strict limits on formaldehyde content: the formaldehyde emission of mattress should be no more than 0.050mg/㎡·h. And the formaldehyde content of certain mattress product exceeds standard even 30 many times.

Formaldehyde in mattresses,

It mainly comes from raw and auxiliary materials of mattress.

Some manufacturers to save the cost of manufacturing, will use formaldehyde exceeds the standard of the inferior leftover material, sponge, straw to serve as the raw material of mattress. So, for the health of darling and family, abandon inferior article stoutly.

Good mattress, how to choose?

1. Good support

The body is curvy, waist, buttock these curvy parts get good support, to experience comfort. The matress with bad quality, when sleeping above, the weight of hip and shoulder can press matress hollow, lumbar because cannot get support and hang up, make vertebra easily over time askew.

From a medical point of view, many experts believe that a good mattress plays a key role in providing the right support and comfort. In fact, most doctors in the treatment of diseases of the spine will ask patients what bed is used, and for uneven, or has been deeply sunken bed, doctors will advise patients to change the bed, to avoid the mattress uneven insomnia caused by mental and physical diseases.

2. Sleep comfortably

The feeling of sleeping is a relatively subjective concept, just like the mattress that has been bothering me before is that the mattress is too hard. My body tells me that I am not comfortable, but my husband feels very comfortable. It really varies from person to person. If one person sleeps, all is well. Choose one that is comfortable to lie down on. If two people have similar requirements for sleep, they will be more harmonious, but if two people have different requirements for sleep. Choose a left and right sides soft hard degree is different mattess that is very important.

3. Quality assurance

After solving the problem of comfort and support, be sure to carefully study the product quality. One third of a person's life is spent in bed, every day with the mattress skin contact, good antibacterial properties can be better to avoid skin problems. In the meantime, the air permeability of mattess also is more important, especially the mattess of summer burning hot and airtight is easy to accumulate moisture, no matter be to the body health of user still have an effect to mattess service life. Of course, it is best to buy mattresses when the choice of mattress core visible, visible really rest assured; Remember to consider the formaldehyde content of mattess finally whether reach standard oh.

This is a mattress that removes formaldehyde

The EME ecological energy gold alloy core used exclusively for mattress is not only a natural environmental protection material, but also has the function of continuous release of anions, and then with tourmaline functional fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber and other materials, through the release of a large number of anions decomposition due to the decoration of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde.

This is an anti-mite and anti-bacterial mattress

The inner layer of mattress adopts Dupont-Twirt anti-mite cloth, which not only has excellent anti-mite performance, but also has waterproof and breathable performance.

This is a mattress with good support

The supporting layer adopts the imitative muscle intelligent massage material with the same degree of hardness and softness as the muscles, which can support the human body well and play a buffering role. When turning over, it can also play a gentle massage effect, and at the same time, it can fully support the skeletal system of human body and relax the spine.

This is a health-promoting mattress

In "nature and man, body and mind, who owns" for the idea, will China's unique cave environment health, meridian of traditional Chinese medicine, ecological bionics and western mature of ergonomics in the design of the bedding, independent research and development of a patent for invention - implanted EME energy ecological cloud gold crystal core, natural energy to human survival necessities, healthy sleep and necessities of modern life necessities mattress, using human one-third of sleep time, continuing to supply the body with the natural life energy.