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What brand is the mattress that USES in the home good?How to choose mattress?

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What brand is the mattress that USES in the home good?How to choose mattress?

What brand is the mattress that USES in the home good?How to choose mattress?
Choice for domestic mattress needs a plan of choose and buy, small family is generally one or two, a advocate lie, second lie, large family are generally not more than two, family choosing mattess is used for the purpose of the sleep, pay attention to is practical, environmental protection, comfort, performance, cost-effective etc. This has nothing to do with CARDS not brands, why do you say that?Mattress if you want to choose brands, so you need to pay for accounted for more than 60% of the cost of advertising, also need to pay for the cost of each link of the, in other words, if you buy a few thousand dollars brand of mattress, in fact as long as a few hundred pieces of product value, also can be classified as very low configuration of mattress, however you spend tens of thousands of dollars buy brand mattress mattress or high configuration, but the essence of the mattress itself prices also thousands of pieces, so you have to pay for the cost and get the essence of the far, not a scales, popular for premium is too high, and the price did not have any relationship,Furthermore, the birthplace of any brand of mattress is a factory.
I believe you will understand slowly, we can see each big brand mattress basically no production capacity and production conditions, the price is the most terrible of problem and process problem, the price is too expensive, of course, in general are long point of more than ten times the cost price to sell several times the consumer, technology refers to the mass production must be pot, cannot match the consumer.I've talked about this more than once, so I won't repeat it.
In previous articles, answers and videos, I have explained mattress materials, mattress market conditions, production techniques, selection standards and other topics in detail. Today's topic is mattress for home use. I will give you some basic Suggestions directly below:
Main bed mat:
The main bed mat generally refers to the marital age or has been married couples mattress, the age is generally more than 20, less than 45 years old.Since people in this age group are in the important age group to get married, work, have children and support the family, mattress requirements are relatively higher. Here are the basic requirements for the main bed mat:
1: More than 20 years old people, even if not married will soon get married, so couples mattress do not disturb must have done.
2: Temperature control, a person sleep and two people sleep temperature needs are different, because two people sleep, body temperature will be connected, generally speaking, the temperature needs to do a little bit lower, of course, the actual depends on the situation.
3:Professional for, whether you are working or business, it is need to labor, any Labour sex professional occupational disease may occur, for this a lot of people don't value, especially some young people feel so strong, everything doesn't matter, happened to this point is very important, many of the occupational disease is every little bit of precipitation formation, initially think doesn't matter, such as occupational disease formed suffer or oneself, sedentary work to prevent the waist, cervical vertebra, lumbar disease physical labor to prevent disease, strain of lumbar muscles, shoulder weeks wear high heels to prevent your pelvis forward and offset, etc.,The occupational diseases caused by such professionalization can be effectively prevented. Only according to the data can the process be effectively prevented and avoided.I want you to keep that in mind.
4:Face to get married or have been married couple, want to consider the spare face of women during pregnancy, I believe that the fertility of women all know, women pregnant belly grew bigger, the waist after pretty, vertebrae force is more and more big, the center of gravity forward, sleep hip hip stress get bigger, so it's very important to the reserved spare face, or women during pregnancy or sleep luo hard, local subsidence, or roll over difficulties, such as anxiety, sleep properly reverse osmosis, also can unpick and wash, etc., for a young couple married, a large part of the face in the near future to have children or plan to have children, in recent years after giving birth, babies usually sleep for a period of time with parents,A little bigger separate bed sleep, this process baby bed-wetting, even if the bed does not wetting sometimes baby accidentally put oil, tea, milk or other things on the bed, this time reverse osmosis and detachable can be washed on a big use.
5: The control of self-disturbance, for example, snoring is formed step by step. I believe that people who have been married for a long time all know, especially women, that their husband's snoring is gradually increased from a relatively small amount of snoring. In medical terms, snoring is called:Apnea, and the formation of a snoring is breathing, breathing air flow rate after throat when friction friction in laryngeal polyp and tremolo, this voice is purr, laryngeal polyp the more polyps is more developed, the greater the more developed the sound, the cycle, some do in his wife's women should know that men snore is too big, loud oneself can not sleep, this time will push his instinctive, after he turn over or under the activity grunts will stay for a while, but later will write you again, in general:The essence of snoring from a sleep perspective is the lack of balance in the body during sleep, resulting in poor breathing.Many young couples have children and children. They are under great pressure from car loans and mortgage payments. They choose to sleep separately for a better job, and only by sleeping separately can they not be disturbed and sleep well.Choose mattress to need to be aimed at this so.
The old man mattress
Old mattress in my understanding is refers to the middle age, is generally faster or retirement age, retired people on a certain age, whether action, physical mechanism, metabolism will gradually decline, when many young heritage will gradually emerges, even blood vessels become no young beginning of elasticity, so the three tenors crowd most are older people.
The requirement to old person mattess is simpler probably, the first respect is balance, old person absolutely majority is not ok the mattess that sleeps sunken feeling is strong.The second aspect is the thermal demand and elastic response. People with relatively stable thermal demand will sleep better and more solidity than those with older age.
A lot of people say old people want to sleep hard mattress, remember this sentence wrong, the old person's weight is different, touch mattress press pressure change is different also, cannot generalize so, the original meaning of this sentence is: old person mattress wants maximum balance.The old couple mattress also needs to be considered not to disturb, of course, the general old couple and young couple configuration does not need to be so high, after all, the elderly people are not as high as the young regardless of sleep dynamics and activity.
Children's mattresses
People before the body stops developing belong to the children, the children mattress selection needs these core points:
1: What parents or parents need to do before giving their children a mattress to choose is to carefully observe the sleeping state of their children, which many parents fail to do, including whether the children have fixed posture sleep, strange posture sleep, nervous sleep, fear sleep, etc.
2: Both adults and children need to sleep with normal body dynamics, and more importantly, children need to sleep. Don't think that lying down for one night without moving your body is a good sleep, which is a wrong understanding. Sleep needs reasonable dynamics, but not too much.
3. Judge the reasons for various sleep conditions of children, such as:Molars, accidental molar is normal, it is possible that needs a worm, another aspect may be the result of tension sleep molars, children sleep tight will grind, grind chin will acid for a long time, alleviate acid when it comes to ga ga videos every molar, sometimes scary, then curing sleep also is not good, many children appear hunchback and skeletal deformation because of solidification position, abnormal position of the reason is various, usually child subconscious fear of sleep, the subconscious mind the lack of a sense of security, choose sleeping posture is a kind of escape from the subconscious mind,Like some girls a person like to sleep covered with a quilt to cover the head of a truth, some girls a person to sleep, a little abnormal sound will be covered with the quilt head, this is a kind of instinctive reaction and subconscious action.In a word, if you want to buy a matching mattress for your child, you need to observe more before you buy a mattress. It is easy to make careful observation, because many babies' sleep state needs to be corrected, so it is almost inevitable for them to travel and live in hotels when they grow up with solidified sleep.
Worth to remind is: a lot of parents are asking me hang memory cotton in the mouth, often ask memory cotton is good, it is no good to answer this question, the cotton itself, it's not a bad memory, but the majority of the baby is not suitable, harm the children, even memory cotton memory cotton is a kind of mattress materials, usually of not to use it, unless the person mood anxiety, irritability, sleep sleep disorders, we will properly use, otherwise don't usually use.
The guest bed mat
The guest bed mat is also called the spare mattress. The user is not fixed, in other words, it is the bed used by the guest. Normally, I suggest to make it according to the conventional process.
Of course, everyone's needs are not the same, some young people temporarily have not given their parents to live together, the future may live with their parents, so this guest bedroom mattress can be done according to the main needs of parents to do, the future may be parents to help take care of children, these give consideration to sex can be taken into account.
Many small white is almost a blank sheet of paper for mattress fear always will be a basic subject, such as environmental protection, comfort, hardness, etc., this is a qualified mattress is actually the most basic topics, why go run, a lot of people buy a mattress around everywhere, everywhere experience, finally buy bad, in addition to themselves do not understand, the seller also don't understand, in fact is not don't know the core requirements and potential demand, demand of dior is need to dig this year, some friends sometimes Dui I, said the along while also don't know the players a good kind of mattress, no dry, I don't know what are your requirements, you also didn't tell me,How do I know which mattress fits you?Doctors still need to make a diagnosis before making a decision. To find out how to choose a mattress, check out other articles and videos on the home page.