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Morpheus day crack two big mattress error

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Morpheus day crack two big mattress error

Morpheus day crack two big mattress error: appear these 4 kinds of malfunctions, ten million want vigilance!

Let me ask you one question: did you sleep well last night?

A simple question, may poke in many people's tears.Nowadays, many people have the habit of burning the midnight oil, eating the best chicken, and then using the most expensive cosmetics..."It's not that I'm unaware of the dangers of staying up late, but I still can't resist the urge to check my phone."

However, if you don't check weibo, don't watch douyin, don't eat chicken and don't visit a treasure, but still can't sleep, have you ever thought that is behind you Ta at fault?The real reason may be the humble queen size mattress only beneath you!

Follow the tutorial of small make up first, the queen bed mattress price that sees your home is qualified!If your mattress has any of the following symptoms, get a replacement right away:

Do not fit: when sleeping, if the good memory foam mattress is too hard, with the human body arc fit degree is not enough, the spine will be in stiff stiff state, easy to deform, and mattress stick not tight, the body will not be supported and suspended.When the single pillow top mattress is too soft to support the body, collapse, long-term curvature of the spine will lead to back pain;Too soft or too hard can cause disease.

Smell: if your mattress has a bad smell, consider the excipients.Unqualified coconut or palm and other matting materials in the production process will increase a lot of adhesive, resulting in excessive formaldehyde, the bedroom environment is usually closed, and the king spring mattress is from the respiratory tract and skin nearest furniture, will cause a great threat to health.

Moisture recovery: if your mattress is prone to moisture and mold, it may be due to lack of exhaust capacity.We usually long time and close contact with the mattress, sleep for a long time easy to produce sweat, and inferior mattress workmanship is generally more rough, poor ventilation performance, lack of effective vent structure exhaust human body residual heat and moisture, keep the mattress dry and cool, easy to return to damp and moldy, generally related to the structure of the better sleep mattress.

Materials: in order to obtain interest, many businessmen will join filling material with low raw material use snakeskin bag, black heart cotton waste processing and manufacturing, these substances will not only bring health risks, and induce bacterial parasites, such as mite bug to be bacteria breeding base, "invisible" hidden trouble can be in all over the place.

So, the point is, how do we pick a mattress?

1, the size: due to differences in each person's height and weight, and mattress use crowd is divided into different objects, such as children, adults and the old man so we need to choose according to actual situation is consistent with the height and weight of the mattress size, with sufficient width at the same time as much as possible in order to better turn, also want to combine the user's age, sleep and bedroom layout for a better choice.

TIPS: be sure to lie down on the spot to experience the comfort and fit of the mattress, so as not to feel disappointed after you buy it home. After you decide to buy it, you should check whether the product has defects.

2, see fabrics: from the surface, a good mattress surface smooth, thick cloth, aperture, the edge curve evenly, build quality will be more careful, mattress firmness consistent whole, with the hand gently touch will feel smooth feel, the skin direct contact with the surface of the mattress, will not produce allergic abnormalities, such as if it is found that the fabric has a fold, bolt or burrs, shows poor workmanship.

TIPS: generally speaking, we can judge the high quality degree of mattess basically by the price, before choose and buy can shop around 3, do not covet low price, also do not be deceived by so called gimmick and propaganda place.

3, see spring: mattess wants to sleep comfortably, soft and hard must want moderate, and the most crucial factor that affects soft and hard degree is internal spring structure, high-quality spring is in flapping next stretch is good, sit back stretch is big.And inferior spring often has unusual sound below extruding, try different posture try to sleep, if body curve can be fitted mattess, have no space, can reach out easily go in, belong to soft and hard moderate mattess.

TIPS: to understand the after-sales service from the merchants, most mattresses have a 10-year warranty period, and will provide free delivery and disposal of old mattresses and other services;It is best to buy a waterproof mattress cover to cover under the sheets when using it in the early days, because soiled cheap firm mattress will void warranty qualification.

4, see filler: mattress interior filler is also the key to determine the comfort and practicality of the mattress, some black heart businesses in order to reduce the cost will add black heart cotton and other substances for shoddy.Accordingly, when choosing mattess, if the condition allows, had better be able to open the opening slot of mattess, check the filling material inside true personally, see whether be consistent with propaganda, auxiliary material quality passes a standard.

TIPS: when the roll up bed mattress of choose and buy, had better be able to choose well-known taller, the brand business with better public praise, the technology of regular big business and quality can be more safeguard relatively, obtain better quality sleep experience.

Let me remind you of two big mistakes

Mistake 1, mattress protective film does not need to tear

The surface of new mattess can attach a protective film commonly, a lot of people think this film does not need to tear, actually otherwise, the protective film of mattess exterior is outer case only, the function is to protect mattess to try or be transported in the process not to be stained.If you do not tear the membrane, the princess mattress can not be effectively ventilated, it is easy to cause the mattress moldy, breeding bacteria and mites, long-term damp will also make the internal structure of the mattress rust.

The harder the buy king mattress, the better

Everyone is opposite the subjective feeling of soft hard is inconsistent, because this mattess soft hard also differs from person to person.The older generation generally think hard bed is better, in fact, too hard buy twin mattress will destroy the natural physiological curvature of the spine, may cause disc hyperplasia and other diseases;And although too soft mattess makes a person feel soft and comfortable for a short time, but our body cannot get true loosen, only soft and hard degree moderate mattess ability fits body curve, provide enough support for the body.

Here, small make up or to remind everyone, no matter what kind of way you stay up late at night, a long rest will eventually bring a lot of harm to the body, such as ugly, fat, stupid, old, bald, easy to forget...Friends can have a long snack!