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How to pack when logistics consigns mattress just good?

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-25
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How to pack when logistics consigns mattress just good?

How to pack when logistics consigns mattress just good?

Packing is the most exquisite procedure in logistics transportation. If the goods are not well packed, it is easy to be damaged in transportation, so is the kids foam mattress mattress.The area of mattess is bigger normally, have bag of original factory pack still easy to do, but do not have bag of original factory pack also is not to do not have a method to pack, nearby draw materials can, the mattess of different size can use different material to pack, how should that mattess pack?Or how do you pack the polyester mattres mattress to make sure it doesn't get damaged in transit?Now, Shanghai logistics company is going to share with you the following experience on new twin mattress packaging:

1 to the neighborhood of the waste collection station to see if you can buy some clean large sheet of paper, not big enough with transparent adhesive paste into the mattress area size, paper packaging bamboo full size mattress is the best material.

Cannot buy paper cover also does not matter, the curtain should be to have, the area of curtain cloth is bigger still, use to wrap mattess is enough commonly, curtain cloth compares mattess to come good clean, this proposal can adopt.But be careful when taking off the curtain cloth. After all, the place where the curtain cloth is hung is usually high up.

Let's see if there are any disposable tablecloths or go to the store to buy some.But its drawback is the area is not large enough, only suitable for single buy queen mattress or children mattress packaging.

If there is a hardware store near where you live, check to see if there is any plastic film inside, you can buy the mattress by the size of the area to wrap the double king mattress, it may be that the cost of packaging will be higher.

It is bad again, sew a big packing bag with the old bed sheet in the home, this method suits the home to have a lesbian inside only, after all need to go needlework, know Shanghai logistics company why to be able to say so now, male compatriot can needlework person is few and far between.Look for a few old bed sheets to be able to begin to make, sew with needle thread piece into mattess size, can protect mattess completely won't get dirty by dirt.

Is unable to find packaging materials, then let the logistics company to pick up the goods to help pack, but usually the logistics company will charge the corresponding materials, labor costs.

Packaging problem is to find a way to solve, but from inside the room to the downstairs or from downstairs to move up when it is also a laborious work, moving the mattress suppliers is not only a laborious work is a skill work.Why does Shanghai logistics company say so?You think ah, although mattess is not thick also won't be too heavy, but the area is big, elevator is not good enter, take stair corner is not good turn, so at this time carry is not only want to have enough strength, need carry skill more.If there is no elevator or the elevator can not go into the case and take the stairs, the porter at least two more, in order to physical fatigue or synchronous cooperation when better handling;Go down stairs to pay more attention to safety when carrying cheap latex mattress, the front had better be two people work together, the back one can;Conversely, when carrying a mattress on the stairs, two people behind the handling, one person in front of the control.Even if the mattress has packaging in the stair corner place also should pay attention to, try not to let the spring memory foam mattress and the wall friction, avoid to scratch the packaging or mattress.If there is an elevator and the mattress is slightly larger than the elevator, you can take the mattress tied into a triangle shape to reduce the volume of the method into the elevator, but in the bending mattress to avoid excessive force, otherwise the mattress deformation or folding scrap.