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How do different people choose the right beautiful mattress

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How do different people choose the right beautiful mattress

How do different people choose the right beautiful mattress
Students: Pay attention to the protection of the cervical spine
As everyone knows, soft bed 5-zone pocket spring mattresses are not necessarily good for children. The hardness of the bed and bed mattress varies from person to person. Too hard or too soft may damage the physiological curvature of the spine. It is absolutely not wrong to choose a bed and mattress king according to height, weight, and body shape. Adolescents are in the stage of physical development, and the body has great plasticity. Especially during this period, attention should be paid to the protection of the cervical spine.Most parents choose a soft bed and mattress sale in order to give a spiritual comfort to the child who is academically heavy. . It is best for parents to take their children to the store and let them experience the comfort of the bed and mattress set first. After carefully understanding the material of the bed cheap king size mattresses, they can communicate with the child reasonably and choose. A suitable bed coil mattress protects the cervical spine and also promotes development.
Baby family: there must be a vent
Common baby bed double bed mattresses on the market include sponges and springs. The spring material is more durable than the sponge material, and the number of turns in the bed hospital mattress will be more. The sponge bed hotel mattress factory is made of polyester, so it will be lighter than the spring bed king mattress. Newborn bones are very soft, 70% of the time is spent in bed, a good bed kingdom mattress can help their bones grow healthily, so young parents choose a good quality baby bed latex mattress is very wise. But no matter what kind of material, there must be vent holes on the edge of the bed matress, and when choosing a foam bed matress, it must ensure its high density.
The elderly: have a certain hardness
Short sleep time and low quality are the puzzles of many elderly people. Generally speaking, the elderly with heart disease sleep better on the rigid board, but the elderly with spine deformity cannot sleep on the rigid board. The specific type of bed matress to sleep depends on their own conditions. The elderly are susceptible to problems such as osteoporosis, lumbar muscle strain, waist and leg pain, etc., so they are not suitable for sleeping on soft beds. The elderly must choose a bed mattress best buy to experience it first. Many businesses on the market are under the banner of health care. In fact, the effect is not as good as boasting, so you must be careful when choosing, depending on your own physical condition. Generally speaking, the bed suitable for the elderly should keep the lumbar spine normal physiological lordosis when the human body is in the supine position, and the lumbar spine does not bend sideways, so as long as it is a bed mattress brands with a certain hardness.
Office workers: Comfort can guarantee sleep quality
It is even more important to choose a comfortable bed mattress brands to create a quality sleep. Office workers have a lot of work pressure. A considerable number of people have been exposed to computer radiation for a long time. They stay up late at night and insomnia. Over time, cervical spine, endocrine, and liver may have problems. The market is flooded with too many brands and types of memory foam bed mattress companieses, and high density is one of the most easily distinguishable characteristics of good memory foam materials. Density has a great impact on the performance of memory foam. It should be heavy in your hand. feel. There is now a memory foam bed mattress compressed on the market, which can decompose and absorb the pressure of the human body.According to the changing temperature and hardness of the human body, it can accurately shape the body contour, bring a sense of pressure-free fit, and at the same time give the body effective support and go to work The family can choose a bed mattress double of this material and feel like sleeping on it is like floating on a floating cloud, so that the blood circulation in the whole body is smooth, the number of turns is reduced, and it is easy to fall asleep. In addition, the choice of bed mattress for hotel should also be determined in accordance with its own height and body shape, and not blindly greedy for appearance.